Thursday, June 21, 2007

Two Flowers

One of the drawbacks of the sunny utility valley of botanical delights is that it is created by the trees being chopped to the ground or their side limbs removed high into the crown. Utility company standard operating procedure is a chop and drop. It seems they may have done the ten year chop this past winter and my parents paths through their meadow to the roadside vegetable garden were buried in tree branches and tree trunks.

The paths were impassable.

Underneath the tangled mess, the flowers went on about their business. I spent the last three days re-opening the paths through the meadow to the roadside vegetable garden and to my home building site.

Now instead of walking along a narrow curved highway with a minimal shoulder to get to our destinations we can meander through the constantly changing meadow, looking for all of those delightful things. Currently it is in high summer green. The daylilies are budding and these Rudbeckia are just beginning to open. What else will I see?

The paths are now open, but much chainsaw work remains to fully reclaim the sunny utility valley.

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chuck b. said...

How nice to have rudbeckia just growing hither and yon. I'll bet you'll see really different flowers the year or two after they do the cut than you will in other years.