Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Creeps Higher Up

This Maui style balancing stack o' rocks marks the general area where I would like to build the left stone column for a front entry gate. A vision has been coming to me of the metal parts of this gate. Don't think in terms of a traditional gate or arch.

These were just some rocks that were close by. In the picture they seem to have a strange resemblance to Father Damien of Kalaupapa who brought civilization to the lepers stranded in the wilderness. Sometimes I feel like a leper, sometimes I don't.

An unintentional abstract portrait of Father Damien with rescued daylilies from the road cut and my first plant purchase for my new garden, Penstemon 'Midnight Blue' and 'Ruby'.

The Rudbeckia hirta gets fuller with blooms and more patches in the meadow reveal themselves by the day. The early summer green lull is ending and a summer wave of bloom approaches, bit by bit.

Lysimachia clethroides, Gooseneck Loosestrife

Spirea, possibly S. japonica collected in the wild. It lines the driveway of the long time resident gardeners. Soon a bright pink carpet will welcome us home.

A wild Rhododendron out in the back forty. I went hunting for the back property pin. I do believe I found it. This was not a hike for the timid. And stinging nettles really do sting so carry a good weed swatting stick.


chuck b. said...

I found some small nettle growing in my garden this year, for the very first time. I was incredulous and skeptical and put it up to my nose to smell for some reason, and OUCH yes it was small nettle. I can't believe what my eyes tell me, I have to be stung to know for sure. Must be the scientific training.

Is the rudbeckia native? I guess it is, huh?

What's a property pin?

Did you get your poo permitted? I assume you're getting a septic system..?

Christopher C. NC said...

The Rudbeckia is native as far as I know. I saw a couple of other flower forms growing wild along the road to Hot Springs yesterday.

The property pin is a metal post in the ground that marks the boundary for surveying purposes.

My pits for the perk test guy to look at the soil will be dug Monday or Tuesday by a backhoe. Then the guvment guy comes back, looks and makes his determination of my soils drainage capacity. I am no where near a city sewer system.

Annie in Austin said...

Your stacked rocks really do bring Father Damien to mind, Christopher. Paghat had an entry on the 'Midnight Blue' Penstemon showing a full-fledged plant. I can see why you wanted it.

Good luck with the percolation test. Too bad you can't act like a Hawaiian king and just send the Servant-in-Charge-of-the-Kapu-Royal-Excrement out to the forest, bearing the special bowl.

[I wonder if Michener told the truth about those customs.]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

Oh how I'd love a back forty. I refer to my 'back one third of an acre' a back forty - but clearly it's only in my dreams.

The flowers that you have all around you are amazing! I love the stack of rocks!

Anonymous said...

Ha! yes... those nettles can be ROUGH.

I am envious. I'd LOVE a large parcel of Southern earth.

I've actually started thinking of KENTUCKY for some reason. Maybe its the bourbon.