Saturday, December 1, 2007

14 Inches

Don't be fooled by the string in the pictures, my level line for the top of the wall.

I only have an average of fourteen inches to go. The wall itself will be around fourty four inches tall or three feet eight inches. Four of those inches of the wall are planned to be above the soil level of the patio floor. This will leave me room for a future stone floor. I will have to buy fancy stone for that. Some day.

It's a little slower going now. I have to go fetch rocks from the bottom of the hill.

Even if I use up all the movable stones at the bottom of this hill and have to wander further a field there's plenty o' rocks all over this mountain.

I have feeling I will be picking up rocks for the rest of my natural born days.

But what a lovely place to pick up rocks.


Anonymous said...

You are working like a madman! It does get obsessive, doesn't it? I take a backpack into the woods behind my house (partially owned by the feds for a park), and "steal" interesting rocks, mostly for stepping stones for my Japanese garden path. Of course, lifting them and getting them out of there, all uphill, is a challenge. In the winter I use a toboggan (?sp)! So mark the ones you like and with your expected amount of snowfall, it should be easy then!
The wall looks great; can't wait to see everything finished - but don't hurry on our account!

chuck b. said...

You're adding a lot of value to your property by doing this.

chuck b. said...

P.S. That weather site in your links is outstanding.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev, obsessive, perhaps just a bit, but being under employed is conducive to a certain amount of focus.

Chuck I guess it does add value to the property, but I think of it more as adding more living space and beauty to my home.

Just put in your zip code at the top of the NOAA weather site, then favorite it and you will have your local SF weather. I use it more for the radar and satellite images to see what is headed this way cause the forecasts aren't always on target.

Unknown said...

Indeed it is a lovely place to pick up rocks for the rest of your days. :)

lisa said...

LOVE that sunset pic! Have you ever looked at NOAA's weather archive pages? They have some crazy shots of ice storms, tornados, etc. that make me realize how much extreme weather there has ALWAYS been, global warming aside.