Monday, December 3, 2007

They Have Chopsticks To

I do have to ask for them special, cause hardly anyone here uses them.

This has been my refueling stop about once a week where I can get some food I am used to and don't have to fix something to eat for myself. It's a buffet, all you can eat for $8.75. I am always the skinniest person in there it seems.

I needed refueling today. A strong rain last night was followed by very strong winds this morning and the power went out about two minutes after I woke up. The back side of these fronts are COLD and my backside needed a rest from a full eight days of wall building and wasn't about to go out in that wind. Have I mentioned there ought to be a law against strong winds below a certain temperature.

It is also nice to see some people of color. I am guessing three nationalities can be found here. There are just so many white people around here. It is kind of shocking.

My wall survived the wind and rain. Good thing. It needs to do that for the next 100 years. I noticed today it is taking on a presence from the road. I need to get a picture of that.

I can see there will be a need for some very large boulders at each end of the wall embedded into the soil to help form an entry landing that transitions into the slope. These boulders should also help the wall itself blend into the surroundings. I have big boulders. A machine that can move big boulders would be nice.

In time a patina will grow on the rocks in the wall. Big boulders artfully placed along the slope and a garden planted in a textural tapestry of color can create a scene of naturalistic splendor.

Attempting to create a feeling that nature does effortlessly.


Phillip Oliver said...

It looks so good!!

chuck b. said...

"A machine that can move big boulders would be nice."

Or giant, magical chopsticks you could use to pick up the boulders and move them into position.

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

"It is also nice to see some people of color. I am guessing three nationalities can be found here."

I get spoiled here in NYC, especially my "home town" of Flatbush, Brooklyn. It is shocking when I go out of the city, say to visit my sister, or relatives and friends in the Asheville area [g].

I can pass a hundred people in a block and not hear a word of English. I'm learning Spanish from subway ads. I look at the newspapers people read on the subway and try to figure out what language they're in. Besides English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese are most common. This morning I saw a Turkish newspaper.

Everyone is a "minority," at least demographically, here. It's a good thing.

And love that river/stream shot. Is that the French Broad?

chuck b. said...

Ah, the French Broad. One of my professors in grad school who enjoyed canoing used to wax nostalgic about "paddling the French Broad".

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks Phillip.

Magic Chopsticks, that made me laugh.

This river scene is of the Pigeon River just north of Waynesville NC. It does flow into the French Broad River shortly after it crosses the TN state line.

lisa said...

I had to smile when you mentioned the abundance of white's that way up here, too. Around here, I would guess the cold weather and sparse employment opportunities as the cause, but your weather is quite mild by comparison. Ah, but we got da scandanavian folks up here, y'know eh? :) Got dem beer swillin', Packer-watchin', cheese-munchin' buddies from da nort voods...fine folks in der own right, yah eh?!

Christopher C. NC said...

Yah. Dem Scandinavians is fine folk for cheese eaters. Yah.