Thursday, December 27, 2007

In a Southern Garden

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
Gainesville, Florida December 2007

Walking quietly with few words.

In the shade

In the palm grove

For the Hummingbirds

A rare phenomena

The sound of Sandhill Cranes rose distinctly over the gardens.

In a Southern Garden.


chuck b. said...

A forked palm tree! That actually happens?!

Stat stone wall looks a lot like the one I made in my garden. I actually did a double-take.

Christopher C. NC said...

A very very rare forked palm tree. They had a triple crowned one until Hurricane Francis knocked two of the arms off.

That stone wall looked to be made of recycled concrete sidewalks.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a pleasant interlude. It fits my slug-like mode this day.

Anonymous said...

I had never seen a forked palm tree either - hadn't really thought about it, but wow. Interesting! I was thinking that the garden looked very similar to those here in Charleston - until I saw the fall-blooming salvia still looking so nice. A freeze just before Christmas zapped all of mine. I hope you're having a nice holiday.

lisa said...

Aha! So my sandhill cranes are enjoying Florida for the winter, eh? Oh well, they DID work for it, flying all that way. Man, those lily pads are way cool.