Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Meditation On The Great Lawn

They were planted as a sapling and a seedling.

I have raised a number of kittens into sloth.

I never had a plan, I just garden.

The Great Lawn spoke itself into being.

The forest rumbles with the multitude of summer voices. The sky strums wooden instruments.

I must say seeing a bear spooked me.

The civilizing effect of well mowed paths and a patch of lawn can not be overstated.

It was the maintenance gardener who heard the Great Lawn talking.

Will it keep a bear away or just make her easier to see?

The Great Lawn is not just for me. The deer have been hanging around for more than a quick nibble this year. I watch what they eat to make sure there is enough preferred forage to spare. No need to encourage experimentation.

We talk in the In Between Time. That is where I have been most of the time.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the different views of the Great Lawn. I would be a bit spooked by a bear in the garden too. Not exactly the cuddly sloth as a cat.

Unknown said...

I will keep your words for today's treasure: we walk in the in between time .

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa, for such a small space, 40 x 40 in three quarters an acre, the Great Lawn has a big effect. I'm going to study up on bear habits tonight to see if I can believe it was just passing through.

Glad to be of help Anne.