Sunday, June 10, 2018

Not Yet

This is just a warm up.

The big roadside bloom is a month away. It could be a very good year. I have pretty much let the roadside vegetable garden go feral. I have too many gardens to tend and my batteries are running low. The vegetable garden can easily be reclaimed at any time.

There used to be a red ball on top. It disappeared. Strange things happen along the scenic byway. I have run countless scenarios. None of them are provable without more evidence. It is a mystery to ponder.

I replaced the red orb with a new shape, left unpainted in defiance should the culprit pass by again anytime soon. Trinkets will be sold at the Roadside Possum Stand in the future.

Meanwhile, there is big bold foliage.

I got smart this year and planted portulaca in the small fast draining cement pots on a gravel patio in the baking sun - when it's out. Gardey don't have time to be watering crap.

I was waiting for paint to dry and knew better than to wander out into the garden. Even so, I will never be good at waiting for paint to dry. The mini-library got cleaned. It was the location of the chosen color of stored paint.

You can't be a Southern writer without a screen door.

From a strong tugging notion to a hung painted door in about two weeks. It was the buzzing that did me in. I got tired of the wasps and flies getting inside. The bugs don't bother me. The buzzing sound drives me crazy. I have been working to evict the carpenter bees from the front porch beams too. If only the cats would have learned to leave the door open just a crack. Yes, I am blaming it on them.

It is taking some major contemplation to decide on how to latch the screen door, a door catch, standard hooks? Inside, outside, both?  I won't be waiting for the wind to get it slapping. That is a given and that metaphor has been worked to death. The latching system has to work ever so simply for me, the cats, the door and the wind.

I bought the door and all the hardware I had to have. No reason to buy paint when I had plenty colors on hand to choose from. The screen door got painted the Spruce Frost haint blue of the basement patio ceiling. I have actually been surprised how little bug debris collects on that ceiling. Why not try it on the screen door?

I upgraded on the door handle to a fancy cabinet kind because I am worth it. A good knob can do wonders. I will be needing an inside handle too.

I finally have a screen door for my front porch. Now maybe I can learn to wait for paint to dry. That is what a front porch with a screen door is for.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Darn the thieves! Ner do-wells do try to spoil things. Someone took a red ball out of my neighbors back garden. It is all fenced in. You couldn't even see it unless you came into the back garden through the gates. Geez. Luckily my red ball hasn't been taken. It can be viewed from the next street. I love your new screen door. Perfect color. I read on a post someplace that a good way to get rid of carpenter bees and wasps from the porch or elsewhere is to take a paper bag, stuff it with plastic bags and make it look poofy like a hornets nest and hang it where you are having trouble. The bugs think it is a hornets nest and they keep clear of it. Might be worth a try.

Sallysmom said...

You didn't do the true southern screen door? The one that squeaks & slams? I grew up with that & can still hear it in my mind.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I prefer to think someone needed a souvenir from riding the Rattler. I have real paper wasp nests right around the corner from the carpenter bees most years. The flying insect spray seems to be working. I spray it on the beams not the bees.

Sallysmom I went real. The screen door is wooden. It squeaks, has a good slam and even a loud click/snap with the door catcher. I added an indoor hook/latch just because that seemed the right thing to do. I'm thinking that extra hook will be a good feature in a blizzard. I just got fancy knobs because, why not.

Sallysmom said...

Way to go, Chris. Nothing like those ole timey doors.