Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Roadside Mow Job

The contrast between my neighbor's scalped hillside of grass and my roadside attraction could not be more stark. I think it works out great in the big picture. Still, I want to be a good neighbor and fit in to the scenery.

So maybe two or three times a year I get out there and whack the grass in front of the rickety split rail fence and a bit beyond. That seems plenty all things considered.

The road edge, I'm not sure it can be considered a shoulder, is pretty slow to grow grass on long stretches in the time of vegetation from shade and winter road salt.

And my neighbor's lawn mower dude rides one of his mowers along the scenic byway to the second house next door. On the way back he mows a nice fat strip on my side of the highway. He doesn't edge the fence line though. That would be expecting too much.

Eventually I get out there and do a full on proper roadside mow job.

Just the slightest touch of civilized can make the wildness look respectable.

I have more wild than anything else when the Tall Flower Meadow is in full swing.

And there is a difference between a wild garden and neglect. You don't get to call neglect a garden.

I mowed my driveway's high hump too. Low rider cars can have a real issue using the driveway as it is. I almost lost one the other day. When the tenor of the asters and chicory rattling the bottom of my own truck turns woody, I eventually break down and mow the hump. Otherwise, I rely on wear and tear to mow the grass along the drive.

All things considered, a mowed hump doesn't add much to civilized, so why bother? Twice a year is plenty.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your controlled chaos looks marvelous.