Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Rain Delay

I was chased home by a major downpour midday. It was all over by the time I got home. Only rarely would I turn around and go back. Today was not that rare day. Instead I did nothing. The only guilt involved is that doesn't make money. I can make money tomorrow.

Sunshine and a nice breeze dried the top of a meadow pretty quick. My ground however approaches bog conditions in this year of regular rains. On with the muck boots and out for a stroll.

The Great Lawn and the paths got whacked over the weekend. Can you tell?

What I am seeing at this point in the season of the Tall Flower Meadow, is this is the Land of Joe Pye.

More makes a bigger and better statement than some. More Goldenrod is soon to be here even in my ruthless culling of the one species, Solidago canadensis. There will be more ruthless in the years to come.

At first I was going to wander and edit. I was quickly distracted by the pretty and switched from gloves and clippers to the camera. The light was right and the rain could come again at any time.

I've been contemplating a new installation in my boggy ground.

More makes a bigger statement and in the time of vegetation my tastefully displayed collection of junk is absorbed, making individual pieces new discoveries as you wander the garden.

The forest can and will absorb everything in time.

Right now in a sunny opening, a Tall Flower Meadow is set to burst into massive bloom.

Doing nothing in it was worth being chased home by a major downpour.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

One needs these times of nothingness to appreciate all you have.