Tuesday, August 29, 2023


I have not been feeling well the last couple of months. And the garden grows a little wilder by the day.

Movement has slowed. The tall flower meadow blooms on.

The rambling Clematis stans has ebbed and flowed and held on with the competition.

The Doll's Eyes have come out to look.

Joe Pye bends with the wind while butterflies glide and hummingbirds zoom through the air.

And golden Rudbeckia drifts in waves.

I draw it all in, resting in the view from my front porch.


C. C. said...

Poetry. Thank you.

Barbara H. said...

Front porch with a view - a wonderful place when not feeling the best. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Ppppppp said...

Poetry, indeed. You are such a good writer/photographer/blogger/gardener!
Earlier in the month, you shared a picture of your Black-eyed Susans. I love those flowers but haven't had much luck with them. What variety is yours? I'm determined to keep trying, and I'm in a similar clime and soil type as yours: the southern Cumberland Plateau in southeast Tennessee.
Daisy — now Ppppppp

Christopher C. NC said...

Daisy the Black-Eyed-Susan are the straight species Rudbeckia fulgida. They are largely seed and self-sown. For the most part they just want plenty of sun and a well-drained soil.