Sunday, November 22, 2009

All The Little Details

The cold returned. The rain returned. It looks suspiciously like it wants to snow. It is only fair considering it is now heading into the last week of November.

The physically easier detail work that needs doing to complete the ambiance of the basement patio proceeds with cold fingers. It is easier in the sense that the parts are smaller. You must discount the crawling on your hands and knees and lying on your back in the dirt to screw in screws and hammer in nails upside down. Soon it will all be done.

I like the way the lattice between the posts of the back stoop turned out.

A similar treatment will be considered for the front porch posts, though the steep elevation change along that run of posts will necessitate a slightly different approach.

This whole corridor is turning into a marvel of engineering. Thank goodness for the building contractor. He can see things I have trouble visualizing. Once the concept is worked out I can concentrate on some of the smaller details.

Both banisters and railings for the long steps are built and one of them was actually fastened into place today during a break in the rains. Be good to have those when the steps are covered in snow and/or ice. I have this determination to check things off the list as finished before I head inside for the winter. I can certainly try.


Lola said...

Seeing that sunshine makes it a little hard to think that it's COLD. I did notice the leaves had blown around & under the basement patio & steps.
I like the way the lattice work looks. Boy, when you get it finished there will be some privacy as well as more comfort. Drop-down blinds---comfy & cozy--blocking wind or sun depending on the situation.
Not to dwell but have you ever seen the way the main roof & porch roof are at the "lonely home". I noticed it on the back first!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I left my comment on this post on your previous post; sorry! All looks great!


phrago said...

Hey Chris, I like the horizontal trellis alot. How about continuing that trellis detail below the roof of your little porch, perhaps one medium board and three smaller ones, from the top down. Just a little detail to tie the two parts together. Actually you have already commited to that rail in fornt of your door, but you could have brought that trellis all the way up and used it as railing too. Sorry, its the designer in me. Just tell me to stop... Looking good! Patrick

Gail said...

Christopher...It's incredible what you've done! gail

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I do like how the lattice adds an element of privacy and mystery. I will be doing the posts on the front porch as well and worked out that pattern today. Yes I did notice the porch roof gap on the "lonely house". I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it.

Lisa, I sure can. Eventually at the very latest.

No problem Bev. I do think a clematis would be fab there. Gloves, I do have them if I get desperate, even very form fitting ones with rubber grip fabric on the palm side.

Patrick that is a good idea. The porch roof is certainly tall enough that a bit of lattice at the top would not be in your face. A certain someone also pissed and moaned about not having a proper closet in the tiny kitchen for brooms, mops and a vacuum. I could put hooks on that lattice and hang my broom and mops out there.

Thanks Gail. When I went back and saw a picture of that slope from the beginning of the summer before the walls were even built it becomes obvious how much work was done.