Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Loss Of Daylight

I don't like this daylight savings time nonsense. I prefer my daylight in the evening, not in the morning while I am contemplating movement.

Drywall work takes us right to the edge of dusk and there is no light leftover for evening strolls and other necessities.

I could get up earlier to contemplate movement and stop working earlier to have an actual evening time. Or I could move the clocks back to where they were when I am left alone for the winter. Changing the clocks back would be easier I think. It's not like I have an abundance of appointments where time is critical.

Maybe I will just do away with time for the winter altogether.


Siria said...

I hate Daylight Saving too! I say either way, you need to stop working earlier in the afternoon so you have time for your evening strolls. That is too important to give up! I'm not sure what you did to your photographs, but the effect is awesome. Thinking about Mama Spot and hoping she comes home safely very soon.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

I suggest you do away with time altogether. I don't wear a watch on weekends just for that purpose. Time doesn't matter so much when it's all mine.

By the way, when is the anticipated housewarming party - and how many guest rooms do you have in that place?

EAL said...

I LOVE daylight saving time, as I need the light to get going in the am and I don't have outside stuff to do after work at this time of year.

When I do need more early evening light, it changes, so it works for me. It works for a 9-5er.

Gail said...

It's the adjustment that messes with us! But I do have to say I am a morning person and appreciate the light in the AM...I can have coffee and head out for a walk then get home and start my work day. gail

Kay said...

It's always a bit of a hassle getting readjusted, isn't it ? But this is normal time after all. Ironically, we spend 2/3 of the year with the 'wrong' time. No wonder so many ppl feel DST is the 'right' time.

Anonymous said...

I hate it too. Pick a time and stick with it, quit the falling and springing crap. You could think about getting up earlier, we still wait hours for the sun to illuminate the garden so we can go out, even with the switch. I say you should live by your own clock. The images are wonderful. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Since my DB has retired and I only work 2 days per week I barely know what time or day it is. I just have to remember to go in to work. I find it very easy to ignore time. It is difficult to ignore the shorter days though.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria one way or another I need to readjust myself to the actual light available to me. It has been a week now since Spot left again. Last time it was nine days she was gone.

Jim I am considering shutting off the clocks when the folks leave. I haven't worn a watch in well over thirty years. I sure hope the cabin is ready by late spring 2010. It will have half a guest room.

Elizabeth maybe if I ever get a real job I might change my tune.

Gail that is part of the problem for me. I am a night person who is very slow to get going in the morning.

Kay in Hawaii we did not do DST. The day just got shorter on both ends and made more sense to me. Of course the day lengths were more equal there year round.

Frances I will have to trick myself into getting up earlier. That is why I might do away with the clocks.

Lisa I certainly have troubles keeping track of what day it is during my sabbatical/semi-retirement. Alas this must end come spring.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Unlike EAL, this 9-to-5'er HATES the time change! Somehow, driving home at dusk makes my days feel like they are passing unbelievably slowly... and also tricks me into thinking I havent really had much of an evening by the time I need to go to bed. :(