Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Snow Moon

Forget the rain. The first flurries started at 2:30 this afternoon while it was still 38 degrees. The wind quickly followed, steadily growing more wicked.

I wanted to finish a few things before the rains and/or snow came. Rigid insulation had been added on the outside of the main girder to add more R-value to the sewer insulation box. This was covered with wood and primed for painting before it could get wet from splashing water off the roof.

While I contemplated the idea of the day getting a bit warmer before the priming work, the small gas line protective box had all of its fine detail trim completed. Warm it did not get. At least the wind wasn't blowing just yet.

I imagine looking at all these little details can get tiresome for some blog readers. What is the big picture like?

On this Thanksgiving day I am grateful for a cozy cabin that is sealed off to the elements. The exterior work for all intents is done. A bit more trim work on the ceiling of the basement patio and a cover on the outside of the girders to hide the straps and bolts can be done anytime.

There are four major mouse welcoming points that need to be closed off soon. I am afraid that the mices inside there now will just have to be sealed up inside. I just bet they are all nice and cozy in there. I wonder how much food they have managed to pack away with them? Varmints!!!

The view of the cozy cabin from the road gets lots of lookers. On the next sunny and warmish day I just may need to clean and paint the bottom of the columns now that the soil level has been lowered.

I am grateful that the house of Lowes is no more and that the regular commuters can notice the progress made during the hidden months of green and fall. I am grateful that my parents have made this mountain home possible for me.

I watched the snow massing at the border during a dinner with fresh beets, carrots and leeks from the roadside vegetable garden. With minimal effort there was home grown food to be had from the bounty of the land on a Thanksgiving day.

The snow moon rose as the passing flurries grew thicker. The wind began to howl.

Two grown kitties decided they would stay inside. Will tomorrow be a White Friday for me?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

White Friday is better than any Black Friday. It is fun to watch the progress of the Cozy Cabin. Even the little details are interesting. Like seeing how you made your corners with the trim mouldings. It is beginning to look like a home.

Lola said...

Looks & sounds as though the flying stuff may begin.
I'm glad that the Cozy Cabin is as warm as it is. Much work has been done to get her to this point. I enjoy every detail.
I'm so thankful that the kitties have stayed at home.
Do stay warm & be careful.

Jean said...

Your cabin is looking great. So nice that you and the cats can stay warm from the snows.

Nalani said...

Yes indeed, There is much to be thankful for.... Happy Thanksgiving Christopher

Anonymous said...

I sometimes go back a year on your blog and see for myself how much progress you have made. The cabin is a masterpiece.
When do you think you will be finished with it?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it painted; I love that color in your setting!


Christopher C. NC said...

No white Friday Lisa. It was all bluster and little snow. The cabin is indeed getting more like it could be lived in.

Lola we had a lot of flurries, but little stuck. The high mountains are covered in rime. If I stay out of the wind, it's not so bad out there.

Jean the cats are getting spoiled about being inside when the weather is not nice. They're not dummies.

Happy Thanksgiving Nalani. I will admit to a certain degree of restless, irritable and discontent, but it does not take much self examination to realize that today I still am living in a state of grace.

Sallysmom it is very helpful for me to go back on the blog and look at the progress too. It is like wow, that wasn't there before. The physical building crew of one and a half can only go so fast particularly since I am learning as I go. I sure hope I can move in by this summer.

Yes Bev those half painted walls sure stand out don't they. I look at them and plot a nice sunny day of 50 degrees with no wind when both of the long walls could probably be painted in one day.

phrago said...

That's the idea, Chris! One nice 50 degree day to finish that project. I, too, have spent many warm days and nights at this time of the year up on a ladder with a brush and a can of paint trying to get that last coat on. Hope you get the weather, but if not, your cabin still looks awesome as a calico for the Winter. It looks great through the bare trees. Are you going to Paint the small footings on the house the same color as the rest of them? Patrick

Christopher C. NC said...

Patrick I was planning to paint the small columns and the girder the same red, but I think I have changed my mind. I do not like how the sewer insulation box drops down around the columns and don't want to continue that pattern when I put the facing on the girder. So I do not want to draw attention to the two different shapes and will likely paint it all the house color grey to make it disappear. Besides there will be a planting bed in front of that anyway.

fairegarden said...

I loved your Thoreau style T-day meal with veggies from the land. And I am thankful you have two wise kitties who know when they've got it good. The cozy cabin is a thing of beauty and will give many long years of delight and warmth for you, Christopher.