Monday, November 23, 2009

Up There

The sun was trying to come out. Would it be sunny up there when I got back home? The forever undulating fog between top and bottom always leaves you guessing.

Yes the sun was out up there for a spell. Long enough to finish the banister and railings on the stairs headed down to the basement patio and the gardens to be.

The ridge line of Sandy Mush Bald to Crabtree Bald is a bit higher than me. I am in one of the folds on the side of the mountain off to the left and out of this picture.

It is a little late for a dumbwaiter. The thought entered my mind more than once of course. It would be an extravagance at the expense of exercise. I will just have to use the rear service entrance stairs to fetch light snacks and refreshments.

Now that there are handrails

When the fog descends to engulf my world

It will be safer to appear like an apparition floating down the grand staircase.

Or to disappear into the mists in ascension.


Siria said...

Wow Christopher! Everything is looking so awesome. I feel lazy when I see how much you have accomplished! Pictures are gorgeous.

Lola said...

Oh my, what can I say that I haven't already said. It looks magnificent. I just love it. You are so creative. I do believe that you will be spending a lot of time {when you have it} in the basement patio.
Did you say that the future garden will be in the valley easement!!!
Is the old place another lonely home? They are so intriguing to me.

Anonymous said...

That looks SERIOUSLY nice. Beats the heck out of sitting at a desk all day, eh? (:


Randy Emmitt said...

You mentioned painting the railings on those steps. If that is fresh treated lumber I'd wait at least 4 months to paint it. Treated lumber has a lot of water in it and painting it will be bad right now. One thing is it might have a hard time drying and the other is you'll help make it rot under the paint. I'm a handyman I see these problems all the time.

sweet bay said...

The view of the fog from the sunny side is amazing.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sadly I feel lazy at times Siria when I only get one thing completed in a day. One more piece and the sewer line insulation box will be covered.

Yes Lola that is another lonely house. Where I took these picture was another nicer one that they burned down last year. I thought that might happen to this other one when they started bulldozing and cleaning around the house.

Thanks Bev. I am definitely not the desk type.

Hi Randy. Thanks for the info. I do know that. Four months, not a problem. Painting the treated lumber of the two porches is not likely to be on the agenda until the end of summer or fall of 2010.

Sweetbay this is the last valley before I head up to the top on my way home. The view of Sandy Mush from here is often spectacular.

Anonymous said...

All you need is white flowing robes!!! What a vision you conjure, Christopher. I am all for the dumbwaiter idea, or something just outside the back stoop to lower and raise. Remember what goes down has to come back up. HA

phrago said...

Hey, Thjinking about a dumb waitor, yopu could hire one or...a basket or bucket on a pully would easily go down the side of the porch rail with goodies from the cozy cabin. Maybe you could find an old pully that is mounted on an arm that would allow you to swing it out when you want to use it and back when you don't. Like for a hay barn. Must keep eyes open at farm auctions...
The railings look very nice and also much safer for you. I like the posts' tops...