Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lofty Business

It's all about looking up as the year and the temperatures wind down. All the high and hard to reach parts of the exterior of the cabin that required scaffolding have been completed before winter's arrival.

Inside the arrow points up to the loft that is one ceiling piece and one small trim piece of drywall above the window away from completion.

A bed will go in this corner under the window. It's funny how the room shrinks when real kind walls are added. Even so, this space is 10 x 13 which is a fairly standard size room in most houses.

I will forever be be reminded to look up in life by this unplanned arrow that appeared. My thought was to give the loft a bit more privacy by having solid drywall walls. It also gives me two small spaces on the living room side to hang art.

The far wall of the mini loft with the half circle window is the last bit of drywall to do. Then it will be back to the bead board ceiling cover of the rigid insulation for the basement patio. I may be spoiled now from working inside. It has barely gotten above 50 degrees in the last few days.

After the basement patio ceiling is complete it will be time to come back inside and begin the tongue and groove wood ceiling for the main living room. First though I need to find a good drywall guy to come and do all the taping, mud work and texture for the drywall. It is the hope that a professional can do a better job at this than me. After all I will be looking at these walls for a long time to come.

After that the next big project will be the tile floors. I won't have any trouble staying busy through the winter.

Winter is lurking out there just waiting to pounce.

If these temperatures hold, the next storm is bound to bring snow. I will be looking up at snowflakes coming down.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! In your first picture, it is amazing to see that winter has arrived. The trees around your cozy cabin are suddenly naked. The interior of the cozy cabin is really coming along so nicely! I love the "arrow" that was created in the doorway to the loft. I sure hope the weather warms up for a few days to allow you to finish the ceiling of your patio.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what progress! I couldn't visualize it very well till the drywall started going up. It's really starting to look like a home now. yes, winter is acomin'.


chuck b. said...

Congratulations on getting the high-up, outside scaffolding work done before winter. Must feel good to have that checked off.

I like the bold arrow!

Looks like the trees have dropped all their leaves.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The Cozy Cabin is coming along. It is good that you will have the roof on the patio done soon as it will be getting too cold for comfortable work outside soon. Your arrow is interesting. I will be curious to see what you do with that.

sweet bay said...

I love the last photo, so beautiful and mysterious.

Kate said...

This is the first time I've visited you where I've seen an outside full cabin view of your hard work. What a wonderful place!

fairegarden said...

Wow, Christopher, that arrow is something else! The view across the ceiling to the half moon window looks like you could walk across to it. But it will be open from below, two seperate loft spaces, right? The cold is coming for sure, but it has been sunny for several days now, and quite beautiful to watch the leaves fall. Looks like yours are about done falling. More light now. :-)

Grace Peterson said...

Looking mighty fine, Christopher. Things are definitely looking up!

chuck b. said...

As I understand it, the secret to finishing the dry wall well is, use lots of mud.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria it is pretty naked up here now and we are having a mini heat wave of sorts with lows in the mid-40's. I hope it holds this coming week for the bead board.

Bev, I am expecting snow anytime now. The drywall certainly does make it look more home like.

Chuck only the cherry trees, the last to turn up here even, still have a few leaves and a few random Tulip Polplars. Yea I find the arrow amusing.

Lisa because the arrow is the door to the loft the top plate and insides will get wood trim. Drywall would just get scratched and dinged to easily.

Sweetbay I call that the Electric Tree. Every fall the setting sun lights up its autumn colors at the end of the utility easement tunnel through the forest.

Thanks Kate. It is a a very cute cottage design, now open to veiwing to passing traffic through the naked forest. The neighbors will get to see all the work done over the summer.

Frances I have contemplated a removable catwalk of some design to get between the separate loft spaces. That might be left for a future project.

Grace I was hoping for a big, "I am so close" feeling. It did not come. Maybe after the drywall is textured and the tile floors are in.

Chuck the mud work is going to be hired out in the hopes a pro can doa better job than me. First I need to "empty" the cabin.