Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Punishment - Phase Two

Adobe patiently waited its turn. It has now contacted its Mother Brain and is downloading updates. Hughes satellite internet service detected a breach in its stingy access to the internet and BAM! My computer is now back to slower than dial-up speeds.

Time to step away again. I will put on some long underwear to go plant mums before it really is too late and do some more work on the cozy cabin's sewer insulation box.

One of the good things about my own computer is that it has the photo files from a former life.

A garden on Maui in the third week of November toys with the idea of snow in the form of a Philippine Poinsettia, Euphorbia leucocephala.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

THat is the Mother of all poinsettas. Obviously not the variety we are used to babying along through the holidays.

sweet bay said...

I've gotten so that I rarely download updates, because the whole experience just makes me grind my teeth.

The Euphorbia is magnificent. Do you know what the plants are to the left and behind the Euphorbia?

Lola said...

Computers & servers can drive you nuts. More so when a virus hops aboard something that is sent to you. What makes it worse you know where it came from.
Nice pics. I know they are missed.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I think the Philippine Poinsettia would make a fine house plant. It is totally drought tolerant, almost a succulent and could spend a good bit of time outdoors in the warm months. I need to have someone send me some seeds.

Sweetbay to the left of the poinsettia from the bottom edge going up is common red ginger; Ardisia elliptica or Inkberry; and Ceasalpinia pulcherrima or Bride of Barbados. That is the orange flowers with the seed pods in the top left. Above the poinsettia is Koelrueteria paniculata with the deep pink seedpods. It is a temperate tree and would likely grow for you in the piedmont. To the left of the poinsettia is the Avocado 'Gwen'. It is a dwarf pendulous form which makes picking avocados very easy. If you want to see my old garden on Maui click on the link Tropical Embellishments in the right side bar.

Lola this stinking Hughes sure can drive me nuts and now it is time for dinner and a break. Maybe TV tonight if it hasn't been shut off yet.

Christopher C. NC said...

Oops, the avocado is to the right.