Monday, November 2, 2009

The Remnants Of Fall

The reported sighting of a dead black cat sent me four miles down the road to have a look. I could walk four miles in the short part of a day. A wandering cat could easily get that far in five days.

It was a skunk laying on its back.

There was time to stop and have a look at the remnants of fall. It won't be long now until the forest is completely bare.

The better to see his mommy coming home. Don't ever try to read a cat's mind. It is torture. Yet I still do it almost automatically. What is going on in that walnut sized brain?

Winter skies have been following each of the recent rains.

Maybe the next snowfall will bring Spot back home again. If it does I am going to ignore her.


Anonymous said...

I don't supposed your neighbor is away again? (:
You have convinced me to never get a cat. Dogs are much easier to read and much more interested in your company.
Just think; this will be your last winter in the house of the freezing shower pipes! (Did I get that story right?)


Mary said...

Dogs and cats both have good and bad points. I'd never be without either one. Cats, unfortunately, have more predators and need more protection. I hope that Mama Spot returns once again. If/when she does, might you convince her to be an indoor kitty?

Anonymous said...

Dear Herida, so much to catch up with. Good on the drywall getting nearly done, very bad on a crushed leg. Yes, good you didn't fall off the roof. Your Helmud tale made me nearly ill. I don't think you should be writing things like that until Spot returns. Get a handle on that imagination. Seeing Crawford in Asheville, dead animals on the road, swirling leaves that look like creatures, it's just too much. Om.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev, I actually called the neighbors and asked about traps and/or cats stuck in one of their houses. It was a no, but I still mean to check. First there was rain and then a crushed leg. I have had cats all my life and never had this wandering problem. I never lived in the wilderness either. Yes this will be my last winter with freezing pipes I sure hope. As in my own pipes won't freeze a year from now.

Mary the funny thing is Spot went from a feral possibly or just a dumped cat who would not ever come inside to being a spoiled house cat who only went out for her regular constitutional. I don't know if it would be possible to get her to stay totally inside and I really can't try until I move into my own house.

Frances did I scare you? Never a dull moment in the middle of nowhere.

Siria said...

Oh Christopher...I am so sorry that Mama Spot is putting you through this torture. I sure hope she returns home safe and sound very soon. I can't believe fall is almost over! View photo is gorgeous as always! I never tire of them.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria Mama Spot is putting me through this again so soon. She was here for about ten days before she disappeared again. I just don't get it. Fall will be gone by the end of the week I suspect.

Anonymous said...

You know, Christopher, cat litter has come a long way. The bucket brands are so much easier to contend with and if scooped on a daily basis, you hardly know it's there. Just a thought. As a cat person, I'm really feeling your pain. Beautiful photos nonetheless.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I would want to find that live trap and tear it out. Maybe the trapper would get the hint. My son used to go around and set off the traps that were near our house. We lived in the country at that time. I hope Momma lives through it all. You and Crawford will have to seek solace together.

chuck b. said...

"What is going on in that walnut sized brain?" I spend so much time wondering that and coming up with ideas. It's not even funny.