Saturday, November 28, 2009

This Will Be Good

It was a nice warm day for a little of this and a little of that. The red columns got painted all the way to the bottom. Gravel was spread to reduce the splashing of dirt onto the columns. Lumber was sorted and tidied. A bit more trim was applied to the sewer insulation box. The beginning of the end of the mices in the floor was tended to with spray foam insulation in the larger gaps. Once that dries and is trimmed a silicone caulk will be applied in the smaller gaps.

All the stuff that had accumulated on the basement patio was removed. It was looking so very nice I wanted to eliminate the clutter. It is rather striking when seen from the road particularly when the sun is shining on the dry stack stone walls.

Tomorrow I just might finish painting this side of the cabin.

The basement patio is looking mighty fine. I like how it is turning out.

There is more work to do to reach completion. The upper wall needs to be topped off. The landing stones in the foreground may need to be lowered a touch. There is a planned step up as you exit the patio on this end. I just need to measure and be sure it will end up as a standard rise for a step. More gravel needs to be added for the base of a future stone floor.

A little over two years ago an idea popped into my head while standing under the cabin in the rain. A patio was born. I have moved a lot of rocks, a lot of gravel and a lot of dirt.

It is looking mighty fine.


Anonymous said...

It sure is looking mighty fine; your idea turned out great! What are the dimensions of the patio floor space? My right brain is inadequate for the task from the photos.
Oh, and I learned some "Hawaiian tallk" from the newspaper today; when they were talking about the Navy football coach, a native. I didn't know that "talking story" was a Hawaiian term, and that President Obama said "howzit brah" to the coach when he collected the Commander in Chief's trophy!
A blast from your past!


Christopher C. NC said...

Bev, the dimensions are basically 30 x 15. On the south end the walls extend to the end of the porch past the actual cabin space. At the apex of the curve in the lower wall it is 15 feet wide. That curves back to like 13 feet at both ends and then the upper wall curves forward as the approach the entries.

I find I hesitate a bit on my "howzits" which come natural now and revert to a "howdy". My "howdy" in Hawaii would slip out often enough to the delight of some.

Hawaiian locals talk more local with other Hawaiians. It is not surprising Obama would slip into that easily. That is like his first language, though I bet he spoke a more proper English at home with his mom and grandparents.

Lola said...

It sure is looking good Christopher. Getting closer to those cook outs. Where is the fire pit for roasting marshmallows?
Good those mices won't be bothering you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I agree, it looks mighty fine.

phrago said...

Hey Chris, I have to agree, it sure does look fine, indeed! The stacked stone walls add such a nice touch. Worth all the work you did. You have a right to be proud of them. That patio area will be very nice to hang out on. What direction does that side of the Cozy Cabin face? Patrick

Nalani said...

So, so proud of you & all the work you've done. Your cozy cabin is splendid!!! I hope one day to drop in to say howdy, sit a spell, enjoy the view & talk story...

Anonymous said...

Did you know that your old post about the basement patio on GardenWeb two years ago has recently been brought back to the front page of the design forum? The progress you've made since then is clearly visible now.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola if I have a fire pit it will be down in the garden away from the house. Don't want smoke in or on the cabin.

Thanks Lisa.

Patrick the patio faces almost due west wih a slight tilt to the south.

Nalani you better drop in one day to say howdy. Bring your hiking buddy and we can wander into the wilderness. We can set and talk story too.

Hi QBC. Thanks for letting me know. I will have to go check that out and maybe post an update.

Lola said...

I don't blame you about not wanting smoke in or on the Cozy Cabin. In fact it is not good to smell that kind of smoke even. As you know wood smoke has carcinogens {sp} in it & that is harmful to us. Not to mention the other bad stuff.
They are nice to sit around though.