Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I dreamed I was in an apple orchard at the peak of harvest season.

Actually there are dreams of getting some decent sized apples from the best tasting tree in the ridge top garden. After two years of suggesting by certain someones I finally climbed into the top of that apple tree and cut out upwards of two dozen, small to large, fifteen foot tall water sprouts from the top of the tree.

It is hard to tell the difference when the background is all bare branches. Trust me there is significantly less of the apple tree. The next step will be to trim out upwards of 70% of the remaining smaller stems and branches. Less fruit set means bigger and better apples next fall.

If we actually harvest and eat them, then the deer are far less likely to come in there and stomp all over everything while they are eating all the small fallen apples on the ground. Or at least we can hope.

The last piece of beadboard is on the bottom of the sewer insulation box and the other trim job is well under way.

A narrower corner trim piece will go along the edges of the boxes. Hopefully I can just reverse the corner trim and put it in the recessed corners on the sides and bottom up against the girder.

So if southern tradition says I need to paint my patio ceiling light blue like the sky to keep the haints away,

Why not dream about painting a real the sky up there?


Lola said...

The sky on the roof of the basement patio sounds intriguing. It would seem to have a sunny day even when it's on the wet side.
Tree looks good. What kind of apple is it? We always got Rome Apples when we came back from up there in the Fall. Think I ruined all on apples.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have also heard that the light blue keeps bugs from nesting in the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

If I painted the sky on your ceiling I would paint that last photograph. Beautiful!
Tell me - my dad was stationed in Hawaii during WWII and said it was boring because it always looked the same (weather, etc.). What do you think of the contrast with your mountain?


Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the apple was here when my folks bought the land so there is no real way of knowing what kind it is unless an apple expert is brought in.

Bev, I wouldn't call that tropical stability boring. About 300 days of the year the weather could be considered the same. There are of course subtle variations within that are noticable to people who notice such things. They may be a minority.

If you drove around the islands though the weather and the vegetation changed dramatically by location, from rain forest to desert. These mountains sticking up out of the ocean created their own weather.

While the ever changing contrast of weather and seasons is fascinating on this NC mountain top, a certain part of me finds it very annoying. I am not used to having life so affected by the weather.

Lola said...

A moment:


May the day bring you much enjoyment, a full tummy & a world of dreams to keep you busy.

fairegarden said...

HA Seasonal changes in weather are annoying! Especially when they are such extreme changes as you experience. In time you will learn to love them, maybe. I think real sky with clouds painted on the ceiling would be amazing! Haints, insects, same difference. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. :-)


Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa, I missed your comment. With all the bugs we have around here trying to get in the house for the winter, a blue ceiling is worth the try.

Happy Thanksgiving Lola. Hope you have a cool and sunny day.

Frances right now what is annoying is that I can't seem to get warm. I have no meat on my bones anymore. Just what I need right, another major project of painting a real sky on the ceiling of the basement patio. I need to befriend an artist. Happy Turkey Day. Hope you and the family have a fun filled get together.