Thursday, September 30, 2010

Color In The Cool Wet Dark

An enduring misty rain returned in a low grey dense canopy of clouds. The temperature struggles. The furnace has awakened from its summer slumber and I am glad to know it is alive and working. More layers of clothing have not prevented a sense of chill or rigid nipples.

I paint blue in the rain with only the front door open for ventilation.

In this low light with no functioning flash on my camera - that died last year - the color of paint is subjective. Each wall and each angle takes on its own hue. Perhaps I am done. Blue on white may not need a second coat. A bright sun shiny day will be needed for the final determination.

The next process will take me back to carpentry, the fine finish carpentry of trim. The baseboards, ceiling trim, windows and doors are the main items of focus. Rest assured other small details will need attention. Trim could keep me busy for a spell. It needs to be cut to fit so it looks like fine carpentry, then sanded and stained before being attached.

All those processes need to happen outside. I don't want to get sawdust and stain drips inside the newly tiled and freshly painted cabin. I wonder if there is an Indian Summer in the upcoming weather diagnosis.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have plenty to keep you busy in the near future. Your sky looks very inviting.

Siria said...

It looks great Christopher! Hope your cloudy days are over for a while and you have crisp, clear, blue skies.

Lola said...

Fantastic Christopher. I knew that blue would just be phenomenal. It is so nice to have it change with the light that will be available. Many sweet dreams will happen there.
It is nice that you have the basement patio to do most of your outside work. It will shelter you even if you have to go back & forth {up & down}.
Seems I do remember an Indian Summer--just can't remember when. But I do hope that you have blue skies & warm weather till you get the necessary work done that needs to be done outside.

chuck b. said...

The colors are cool. The blue in your loft is a like a little piece of sky indoors.