Sunday, September 26, 2010

It Better Be

The same color in the morning after it dries.

I handed the same woman the same sample card, asked for the same thing, interior semi-gloss, on different days and got two variations of paint. It just felt different when I opened the can to start painting and I looked closer after I got going.

The first in the blue can has primer mixed in the paint and is labeled as Eddie Bauer. The second in the tan can has no primer and is called ultra premium without any mention of Eddie. I gave her Eddie's card.

The label information is not the same either. It better be the same color in the morning after it dries or I will be a bit annoyed. Someone will have some splainin' to do.

It is close if not exact, no doubt about that, so if it is wrong, at least the first coat is on the loft half walls and the last bit of second coat downstairs will be easy enough to paint over again.

But by the time I cleaned out the mini loft and got it ready to paint, it was late and dark.

We are having much needed monsoon weather.

And that may not dry up until Wednesday.

The two poor, yes two, new wild kitties are out there in this mess somewhere. I hope they have found a dry place to hide. It is taking them much longer to get friendly than it did Mama Spot. Her children don't do inclement weather for extended periods anymore.


Randy Emmitt said...

I stained our house with Sherwin Williams stain and a year later got more for the addition and they changed the color formula and it was golder, they tweeked it, but not good enough.. Touch up places still don't match. Good luck with getting this to match :)

Siria said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it matches!

Lola said...

I do hope that you can match it. Nerve wracking to have so little to do but it don't match.

Christopher C. NC said...

If it doesn't match it won't be much trouble to fix. I bought them a week apart and have the empty can with all the info of the first, original and major work already done paint. I can just take them both in and say politely, "Fix this."

Gail said...

It's a bother more then anything else....and a trip down the mountain. So glad you are having rain. Did I miss a photo of the wild kitties? gail

Lola said...

Sure hope you don't have to repaint all.
I'm sure the kitties have found a dry place. They will come around.
How is the coffee?

Christopher C. NC said...

Gail that is what happened, a trip down the mountain to get the right paint. They fixed it no problem. I have not gotten close enough to the new wild kitties for pictures yet and have only seen them after dark.

Lola I only need to repaint an area about 3x4. No big deal. The coffee is very good, kind of a spice to the flavor. I think the new wild kitties might be in a large drain culvert that hardly ever gets water through it just off the deck.