Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Computer Is Dead

A continuing series of cascading problems has taken the life from my computer. Maybe it is an actual physical hardware problem. The symptoms were all bizarre and seemed to come from out of no where. I have given up. It is time for a computer mechanic. Lucky there is a spare computer in the house.

The proper paint 'Marigold' was acquired and that color is complete after a minor diversion.

Laura Ashley 'Sky Blue' #3 is beginning in the loft.

I need to rearrange the crap out of the loft. It will make painting in there more pleasant. Maybe it is even time to banish some things altogether.

I have to give myself a little credit for remaining calm while my computer died right in front of me after several heroic attempts to save it. The wobbles are now routine. I have been tortured into submission. But I feel drained.

Thank goodness painting is on track and progresses rather quickly compared to many other processes.

Maybe I will get lucky with my truck. The $15 part went in last Friday and the check engine light has not come back on. Maybe in the next day or two it will pass inspection and I can send the state of North Carolina more money. Please, pretty please.


Lola said...

Computers can be a b---- sometimes. They can drive you crazy.
The painting looks good. LOVE that blue.
Your gardens still look very good. I really like the grasses.
I've been released by the Dr. Doing good. Rain has caused havoc with problem walking equipments.
Have heart, things will improve.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sorry to say that the humorous writing of your calamities have me smiling. I do hope your computer is fixable and the paint dries to your satisfaction. Big Hugs.

Siria said...

Ugh....All these things keep life interesting, otherwise, how boring would it be?! Paint looks wonderful. It must bring a smile to your face as you step back and look at it!

Anonymous said...

Computers are the biggest time suckers in the world.It's the one thing i miss about not working in an organization, where someone else has to take care of it! Hope the problem is solved soon. The house is looking great; that should cheer you up!