Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Orange House

I have been in computer hell since I switched to my own computer three weeks ago. It has been one aggravation after another. Today I thought it died. I resuscitated it long enough to remove McAfee anti virus which I was highly suspicious of and it is running fine again. Fingers crossed.

Oh why can't all systems look good and work effortlessly like a collection of roadside weeds?

The inside of the cozy cabin is Marigold orange now. The first coat is complete.

The second coat will go on this weekend and the downstairs will be painted. I like it more often now than the moments of, mercy what have I done. It has its dark moods in lower light conditions. That is when I really like it.

Just looking at my roadside weeds makes me feel better. Everything looks like it is working the way it is supposed to. I have noticed that the chicory stays open all day now. Curious. Is this a reaction to lower light or shorter days? Is this a normal seasonal difference? In summer they are closed by noon on sunny days.

One last bold splash of color before the forest takes center stage.

And the sun moves behind the trees.

Perhaps some cold will stiffen all the wobbles that continue to infiltrate my world.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I love your orange walls! As I looked at the pictures online, I tried to imagine the haint blue coming from the loft walls. It will be awesome! Those roadside weeds sure look good. They look so happy and cheerful, it is no wonder they make you happy too.

rainymountain said...

Yes I like the orange walls too. My guess is that they will seem warm and cheerful during the winter - so exciting to see it all coming together.

Gail said...

Christopher, I love Marigold orange on your interior walls...When the days get dark it will be so cozy. The wildflowers make me smile, too. One reason I got rid of my PC was all the problems with the anti-virus software. It just took over. gail

Lola said...

It sure is looking good Christopher.
Can't wait to see when it's finished. What color of appliances do you have in mind?
Oh those roadside blooms are to die for. So Fallish {is this a word}, my favorite time.