Saturday, September 18, 2010

Layer Upon Layer

Mostly hidden, Anemone 'Prince Heinrich', an immigrant from Fairegarden, Tennessee, blooms in the Lush. Bit by bit, garden specimen plants are placed through out the grounds. One day when weeding in earnest and regular mulching becomes habit, a layered garden with a touch of the wild will emerge.

A new wild kitty remains mostly hidden. I have seen it two more times now. It is a black and white cat like Miss Collar. That is all I know. By flashlight it is hard to tell age or overall health. For a week now the new wild kitty has been eating the bowl of food left for it on the deck. After a week, the resident kitties are less worried by the appearance of a stranger.

The first coat of paint on the long east wall and front porch is complete. The first coat. It should get a second. The second coat of the green Laura Ashley Apple #5 has been applied in the bathroom. Painting will move into the main room now with the orange colored Marigold.

The paint, inside and out are the final layers in the construction sandwich that is the wall. My head nearly spins thinking back over each layer, each process, that comprises this final thing called shelter. And there are still many other layers to add, some of which will require perfectly round holes drilled through the entire sandwich of the walls. My head just spins thinking about that.

It is getting close. Eventually the layers that make a home can be moved in.


Anonymous said...

Oh Christopher, it is looking like a home, with plants growing near the porch and the paint color on. Still much to do, I know, but getting there. I am happy to see the Prince surviving, he is quite an agressive fellow. Here, he was brought to his knees by the pruning to ground level to slow him down, drought and then grasshopper plague that has eaten every stem and leaf. He is just now forming flower buds. The white that you gave me has nice uneaten leaves, I am happy to report. I can't wait to see those paint colors on the walls. What's next? Plumbing and cabinets?
ps, my heart is happy about a new kitty!

Lola said...

A gorgeous plant indeed. Love that color. Wish it would grow here.
Poor kitty, so scared but will come around with your continued care.
Your lovely cabin in the woods is looking ever so nice & welcome. Maybe the end is in sight. Then complete attention can be given to the garden. That, as we know, is a never ending task of love.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! is really home sweet home now! It looks lovely on the outside and I can't wait to see the painted walls on the inside. Your new little kittie will come around soon and become a member of the garden strollers :).

Anonymous said...

Have you bought the cabinets, tub, shower, furniture, etc?

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances you will have plenty of the white anemone soon enough to share. It is like the Prince in manner. After the paint comes the trim work. But, yes the main plumbing hookups and glass block shower wall are next too.

Lola this wild kitty is taking its sweet time getting close. Soon I hope, the garden will get most of my attention.

Siria I have seen a lot of cats up here. Useually the move on. I should have the living room painted this week.

Sallysmom, I have the cabinets. They have been seen before with the stain, color choosing phase. The shower is near done, no tub. No furniture yet either.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is definitely looking like home. A comfy cozy home.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Looking like a real home! Hey, you need a flagpole out front, don't you think? Have clematis growing up it?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa maybe by next year this time I will have nice mulched and planted beds around the cabin for that real lived in look.

Benjamin Ha! Actually I was thinking more along the lines of a really big, as in a quite large crucifix. Lit up at night of course. Maybe a little sign, "Church of the Holy Wilderness" "By appointment only." Then if I file the right papers I might be granted a few favors by the state.

Anonymous said...

LOL about the cross and the church! All that work has gotten to you! (: The cabin is looking really great!