Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preparing For Paint On Bloom Day

The Goldenrod is set for the imminent arrival of blue. The fall blooming Blue Wood Aster and New England Aster will join the tapestry soon.

On this September Bloom Day another intense flush of color sweeps the mountain top. Vibrant yellow goldenrods have been added to the white waves of Ageratina, Frost Aster and White Wood Aster. It joins many still blooming plants like the Buddleia

Meanwhile, the long wall of the cozy cabin is now set for the arrival of gray paint. The overhang of the eaves of the roof have the perfect shape for roosting bats. Bats poop. I wiped this entire wall and the front porch wall by hand to get them ready to paint.

Other odds and ends were attended to as well. More primer was added to the pipe insulation box. While doing that I discovered some varmint had already started to chew a hole at the newly caulked stovepipe/wood junction. I don't know if I sealed something in or sealed something out, or both. Damn varmints! I re-caulked the new hole.

A shampoo shelf and soap dish were added in the shower.

Three coats of primer were painted over my color samples. In the morning I may decide to do a fourth on a couple of the color samples. I was still seeing a shadow under the white on a few of them.

The winning color remains.
Hmm, it's so orange.
Painting will commence.

Back out there for Bloom Day, the mini Fairelurie is looking good after a haircut of the fading Chicory. The three main plants in this scene, the pink Muhly Grass, Verbena bonariensis and the Sheffie Mum loaded with buds all came from Frances at Fairegarden.

The Miscanthus 'Morning Light' is now in bloom. This roadside flower bed has been most pleasing to me having something in bloom during every wave of the growing season.

Next year I may divide some of the Miscanthus again. I think they need to be repeated down in my section of the sunny utility meadow.

One entrance to the roadside vegetable garden has been sealed off by the asters and goldenrod. I just swim on through.

A recent addition, the Gaura lindheimeri is having a completely full second bloom. It has done much better than the two Erysimum planted right behind it. Sometimes why plants work or don't work can be a complete mystery.

There are a a few weeds I let go in the roadside vegetable garden. They make a very nice addition to a Bloom Day repertoire that spans the globe and is brought to you courtesy of the lovely Miss Carol of May Dreams.

And so ends another September day. A little more progress has been made towards completion of one small cabin.

Tomorrow I paint.


Kitty Cunningham said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished product. :-)

Carol said...

Very beautiful. Yes, those walls will be orange, but it is your cozy cabin... go for it.

Love the flowers on your mountain in the fall, and isn't that Frances a most generous gardener!

Queer by Choice said...

That's a truly stunning goldenrod meadow, and it should get even better with the blue.

Anonymous said...

Oh hooray! The muhly grass took hold well, as the others did! I remember that you only took the baby muhly from the gravel, is that right? It goes to show that the babies' survival rate is way better than larger plants. I am warming to the orange. It is bold and quirky, a good choice. Your shower looks fabulous and the grey paint will complete the cozy scene. Dang varmints! I was wondering if steel wool stuck in then caulk has been considered? Or do they chew through that too. You have some determined critters on your mountain. I love the name Mini Fairelurie, thanks my friend. :-)

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! By now you are probably enjoying that sunset on the porch after a long day of painting. Can't wait to see what you've done. The blooms are spectacular!

Lola said...

Now is when you need that rocker on the front porch to rest & let the eyes take in all that beauty that you are creating, not to mention the native blooms.
Do hope all is well & doing fine.

scottweberpdx said...

Wow, your gardens look awesome! Those Miscanthus are really stunning, and the patch of Goldenrod is just lovely!

RBell said...

Your Miscanthus is looking good. Look its color and texture.