Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome To The Neighborhood

The cozy cabin by my estimation is a bit below the large tree in the center foreground. It is a wonder I have any utilities like phone and power at all. High speed internet? I think some promises are regularly made to congress about the magical expanding powers of the free market system for certain considerations. They just are not magical enough to expand up here.

I went for a walk up the mountain across the scenic byway. There are some choice building lots over there. My neighbor says he has no such plans now or in the future.

There are some gargantuan boulders parked on top of this mountain. They are cause for some real geological wonder.

I got off the gravel roads and went into the woods. I heard a calling. It may be I have a knack for finding the plant whose name is never spoken. A few seeds were collected and planted closer to home. I saw evidence too of poaching.

This rock is bigger than my entire cabin. The picture is about one quarter of the whole thing.

A little closer to home, you don't realize how high up in the sky my world is perched.

A short ten minute walk completely changes the view of things.


Carol said...

Beautiful scenery!

Siria said...

High up in the sky...that's for sure! It's beautiful up there. You have a lovely neighborhood.

LC said...

What a neat place to live your life! L

chuck b. said...

Are the big rocks from ancient glaciers, or were they extruded from the earth? The Sierra-Nevada was all pushed straight up from underground. It's all one big piece of granite.

What is your elevation again?

"the plant whose name is never spoken" You've spoken it before, why the radio silence now? Are you poaching by taking seed? I won't say anything.

Anonymous said...

I love rocks and miss them here on the coastal plain, but we have the water. The grass is always greener....


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those boulders are marvelous. I have always wanted a big boulder of my own that I could climb atop and contemplate the world.

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol I should walk across the street more often.

Siria my folks did good.

LC I do like it up here.

Chuck I don't think the glaciers made it this far south. We have remnant northern forest plants, spruce and fir, on the high peaks. I think they are just erosional leftovers of the hardest granite, the core of once Himalayan type peaks. Could be wrong. My elevation is 4000 feet.

Radio silence is because that google is a powerful thing and being a google product, I often get high search billing. Don't want to mess with my retirement plans. Poacher? Me? The seed is not the valuable product though its endangered status may say otherwise. have to look it up. The expert says the wild germination rate is less than 1%, mostly predation. I'm helping by hiding the seed like a squirrel.

Bev, I'll take the mountains over the coast.

Lisa I don't think you could buy and move a rock this big. They are getting good with fake rocks these days. You could build one.