Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Much

Got painted before it looked like it wanted to rain. So I went to town to get my interior paint, the sandpaper like pads I need to paint under the eaves and a few other supplies. If it doesn't rain, this wall and the front porch should get finished tomorrow. Or I'll just paint inside.

There is one less wobble in my world. I was finally able to get rid of that annoying "there is no paging file or the paging file is too small" and the "virtual memory is to low" error messages on the computer. I searched and searched and tried every solution I could find on the web, all for naught. This morning I found that Windows may have lost the address of the paging file system. I had to go in and do one of those scary edits on the registry keys. It worked. Hallelujah. Now it starts up much faster when I turn the thing on.

I may have even figured out what is causing that annoying check engine light in my truck that, of course, came back on after another $179. The second failed safety check diagnosis gave me a printed run down of my failure with the same code. Google is a powerful thing. The code P1432 means my (THTRC), thermostat heater control has had a circuit failure. It is a $30 part, easy to get to and mounted with just two bolts. I think I can do that myself. The Google even led me to how to reset my check engine light to go off. I'm tired of mechanics, especially Ford dealer mechanics who should know what their own damn codes mean. I'll get to that repair soon enough.

I've been working on a slow post with commentary for the West Asheville Garden Stroll. It will be here shortly. There are a lot of pictures to edit and between the slide show in Picasa for the WAGS website and my normal Kodak routine for blogger, I just get a bit tired of sitting at a computer that has been annoying me.

I should be grateful. At Client # "I lost count" this week, a pipe had burst in the downstairs bath and flooded the bathroom and basement. I shut the well, water and hot water heater off then made the bad news call. Their flood is far worse than any of my wobbles.

Now if I could just get rid of that last bit of leakage in the shower at the resident gardeners house.

All my wobbles would be gone.


Siria said... is looking good! Almost looks like a finished cabin on the outside as you have very little to paint. We just got our brakes done on our car and 2 weeks later the "check brake" light came back on. What is it with the mechanics?! I want a car that doesn't need a mechanic to fix it! Unfortunately, I could google for the solution and I'm not sure I could fix it myself.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria I have my fingers crossed that this easy thing will fix my truck and feel lucky that the code wasn't some other horrible thing that I couldn't do myself. That last back exterior wall of the loft is going to be more of a challenge to paint.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Christopher; I don't know what happened to your supposed week off but you're sure making excellent progress! I love the exterior cabin color all over again!
As for the check engine light, ours has been on in our minivan for months while my husband struggles and cusses (he won't go to a mechanic for the reasons you cite). Good luck and I hope that fixes the problem.


Lola said...

The cabin looks great. I love the color. It blends so well with it's surroundings.
For your "off" time you sure have not stood still. So many things you have done. Makes my head spin.
Off to PT in a bit--gotta go.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev my week off was two weeks ago. I'm thinking another goof off spell will be needed when the leaves turn. The internet wisdom says a lot to go to Autozone or similar auto parts store where they will plug the van into the computer and tell you what the light on means. I'd suggest getting the code number from them and double checking. That might help your husband.

Lola I hope your PT is going well and you'll be ready for a Florida winter vegetable garden when the time comes.

Lola said...

Christopher, my PT is going great---only 2 days a week starting Mon.
I'm ahead of all already as I have planted some Fall veggies & they are up. Boy is there going to be some lettuce {if it survives}. I still have more that I would like to plant.
Still hot here so must water ever few days. You know how & where I garden.
Take it easy, dear friend.