Friday, September 17, 2010

The West Asheville Garden Stroll

In slow motion.

It is time to give the garden stroll its due. It rained steadily the entire day, at times pretty hard. That did not daunt the real gardeners. There were always other strollers in every garden that I got to. I missed three gardens due to a two hour shift as a greeter in one garden. It was nice to rest a spell and chat with folks as they came through though and I enjoyed doing it.

The Falconhurst Community Garden is in an impressive open space tucked behind the houses along typical suburban streets. Check out their trellised tomatoes in the left rear of the picture.

This very large section through the arbor was annexed this season I believe. I must say that is some sad looking corn. I think the soil needs a nice coating of wood chip mulch.

The Kula garden was begun in 2009 along with a complete renovation of a former rental property. They started in 2009 and are already done. Sigh... Mostly. There was still plenty of open space in the generous sized new beds in the back for lots more plant acquisitions.

There was a pretty nice end of season showing in the front perennial garden.

And a place out back to recline and take in the entire view of the garden.

The Enderle's garden was also another house and garden makeover of an older property.

A very large and open backyard with new plantings along a new dry stream bed that was not so dry, but an actual creek in the rain.

This garden was all about clean lines and simple, bold architectural plantings.

Little details added to the overall calm this garden evoked.

The garden was designed by the homeowners, who did not let on that they are both architects when I was telling her how much I enjoyed the design. I found out about that later.

Glenn Bass has a collectors garden in which he has set out several different ecosystems of plants.

I had to stop and smell the ginger and boy did that fragrance bring back memories.

This Japanese garden in the narrow side yard looked fairly new.

It was most inventive in getting the feeling across.

The Blau's garden had a wonderful collection of perennials and shrubs and a high number of natives. I even saw me some cotton bolls here.The numerous metal sculptures also caught my eye. Turns out Eric Blau is a welding instructor at the local community college.

This is where I spent my two hour shift as a greeter. The neighborhood Ladies Auxiliary stopped in to check up on me.

An unknown Helianthus perhaps and Northern Sea Oats at the Blau's garden.

The Paxton's garden reminded me of my own. It has that wild cultivated look with plenty of edibles and native wildflowers and blueberries out front.

A nice big vegetable garden with a strawberry patch spilling out over the edges.

Nice shower. Maybe it isn't to late to add one near the basement patio. That sure would be a nice thing to have after a long day of gardening in the summer.

A Curly Willow might be a nice thing to have as well.

A good garden stroll often encourages a good paint job. Now you know I like this bold color ... on somebody else's house.

The front garden at the Barlow's had lots of herbs and edibles.

This scene came from the post stroll get together. That is the style of light fixture I want for the basement patio except in a black or grey finish.

I have two more great gardens to show you in slow motion. Maybe more if I get to the three I missed. There doesn't seem to be much of a push for that at the moment. Maybe once the planning committee has had a chance to breath the loose ends can get tied up.

The Two Parks In Asheville were also part of this year's West Asheville Garden Stroll in case you missed them.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a fun tour. I liked the welding instructors bench. There is much I liked in these photos. The ladies had quite a time checking up on you no doubt. Someone has to keep you in line.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I couldn't help but smile when those four happy young ladies stopped by to visit.

Anonymous said...

That was a great tour. Thanks for taking us along. I too liked the welders bench.

Lola said...

Anonymous' comment is me.
Been having trouble all day.

Christopher C. NC said...

Dad Gum computers is the truth for sure Lola.

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing everything, Christopher, thanks for the tours. Wish some of that rain had come by our way. Cool welder stuff!

Les said...

Thanks for the tour. I love the outdoor shower, but we are a little too close here to have one in our yard. I also like the purple house.

chuck b. said...

Lots of cool stuff. I would like an outdoor shower. And a tub. And a pool.

Those are some mighty tomatoes in that first picture.

Lola said...

Just reread & saw the part of the shower. Somewhere very near the basement patio would be a grand idea, I think. Nice to be able to remove the results of gardening.
My dear H. built a room onto the block building that was already there that housed well water tank & washer & dryer, just a complete bath. That was the reason. My house stayed much cleaner. No traipsing in the house for necessary things. We enjoyed sitting by our "camp fire" at night drinking hot chocolate.
Oh, some very heart wrenching memories.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Just catching up on posts I didn't have time to read this week. What a great garden tour. I hope to be there to see it in person one of these days. I love the outdoor shower idea! That would be a great addition to your cozy cabin. And now you know a good welder for any projects down the road... :)