Friday, September 17, 2010

More Paint

It rained last night with thunder. The morning was wet and misty. I began painting inside and ended the day of painting on the front porch. It felt good to get the porch done after all this time.

The bathroom has its first coat of Laura Ashley Apple #5. It's green and reminds me very much of my green living room on Maui.

Slowly, a bathroom is coming together. There is much work to do yet, a glass block wall, pressure tank and on demand gas hot water heater, a water filter, sink and vanity and a toilet just to mention the main items. Another list of details in this room alone could be added.

One more finished surface is presented to the world. It did feel good. Then I looked at the front door that needs painting and felt weary. There are times when I sure wish I had some help. It is slow going alone. A front door needs painting, a porch will need painting. Those can wait. They are not critical to an occupancy permit.

I paint as nature begins its annual ritual of painting the forest.

Now is the time of paint.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The cabin is coming right along. It looks good with it's porch painted. The tile in the bathroom is enriched with the color on the wall. Keep on keeping on Christopher. You are doing a great job. If I lived near I would help you. It does help to have someone lend a hand. I am with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...


I know how it feels to be at the bottom of the mountain, but you have made incredible progress so far. The problem with help is they never do it like you would have! (: You are well over the hump now and have plenty of time to finish the details while you are living in your cozy cabin. Keep up the good work!