Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting There

As surely as the moon revolves around the earth, perhaps not with quite the same steady precision,

A kitchen continues to take shape. There is one more cabinet to hang, then all the doors can be put on. The kitchen sink base cabinet and a set of drawers on the opposite side have been positioned.

Out in the garden to be the last trees are falling. This was one mighty big Black Locust, the largest of all the trees to go and it came down with a groan and a thud.

There are still logs to collect, rubbish to burn, a general overall tidying and removal of some broken hanging limbs to get done. I'll give my neighbor and his very skillful helper an A for their lumberjack skills. The few broken limbs in a couple of trees lost them the plus. Paying money for this could not have gotten a better job done, very likely it could have been worse. It has been most impressive.

The results you can see is a more open woodland. That dense forest in the background follows along the property line. For whatever reason this particular patch of forest was already more open compared to much of what is out there. A difficult job was made somewhat easier to begin with.

There are times in life when I do feel particularly blessed. The universe provided what I needed for the garden to be in a time and a manner that approaches the miraculous. Thank you universe.


Lola said...

Looking much better. The clean-up will go so swiftly.
That one sure looked mean as it seemed to have multiple trunks. I for one do not like that kind of tree.
That should be some very rich soil being "leaved" in for so many yrs.
Mama called it "rich dirt". Always had us kids to get it for her flowers.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are mightly blessed.

Gail said...

Good neighbors are irreplaceable~gail

Siria said...

It looks awesome!