Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Gentle Wind

Was rip roaring over the mountain from the less frequent south easterly gale force direction yesterday ahead of the current weathers. Morning light revealed the top of another mighty dead Hemlock placed in the burn pile. I thought I heard something go pop last night. Coming down in pieces may be better than the 80 to 100 foot tall mighty dead Hemlocks toppling over intact. I might want to walk off their distance from the cozy cabin for some peace of mind.

It was a day of foul weathers so I went to the Depot in Asheville to order my thermoplastic 'Fasade' kitchen counter back splash and attend to a few other items. There are numerous minor processes that crop up in the march towards a finished home.

Come spring one of them will be to sort through and eliminate the leftover piles. I am kind of hoping that a small 6 x 8 storage shed will be revealed when I go through all this crap. It could even have a nice tile floor.

Once the finished grading was done I was ready to re-contemplate the first landing on the way to the service entrance. Two more stepping stones will make the landing balanced and another bag of base sand will help with the settling of contents that has occurred over time. The rock steps will also need some reconfiguring.

My stove pipe sewer line also needs some thought. Should it be camouflaged or utilized as a part of a decorative display? I don't really mind its form, color or oddness. The thing about this space the inspector man might object too is the drop off on the left side from the landing level. I don't want a railing. It needs more thought.

Details, details, so many details.


Lola said...

Oh my, those trees are dangerous. I sure wouldn't want them falling near me.'
Yes, I see a few tiny things need attention.
Rained today & will thru the night. A front coming thru. Supposed to drop to 31 by Thurs. so tomorrow is to get things ready to protect my plants.
Take care & stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Christopher, we are now getting the rain and wind which has probably passed you. Fortunately the cold has not come yet.
Re your dropoff, are you speaking of the area between the entrance and the house, next to the stovepipe? I wonder if a tall skinny evergreen like Sky Pencil Japanese holly might conceal this from the inspector man! You'd have to keep it trimmed of course.