Saturday, November 20, 2010

Should This Door Be Painted?

The interior trim work is now underway. It is a bit tedious requiring several processes to arrive at the finished product. Unplumb walls around two door frames are making a need for some special wood shims that also need to be stained. The doors have to be plumb to open and close correctly. What happens is the frame ends up not being flush with the drywall and big gaps are showing up. The gaps need filling.

Even before the trim can go on around the doors, the door frames need to be cleaned and painted. It is always easier to paint before another layer is added that needs to be painted around.

So I painted the bathroom door frame white like someone wanted. They wanted the bathroom door to be white because the front and back doors are white. They are white now anyway. Now the new white door frame has black fingerprints on it from attaching the trim.

But I wonder, should this door be painted another color? What do you think ? Yes or no? If yes what color? There's another poll in the right sidebar.

The Poll Results were:
Yes 19 votes
No 4 votes
You need to get a life 2 votes

I may be just a bit cranky and tired. All the processes yet to come are rolling around in my head and making me feel a bit overwhelmed and that is just ridiculous at this point. I'm almost done big picture wise.

Lately I have also been busy raking acres of leaves and that is the likely cause of being a bit tired. There are people who do not like leaves on top of their clean mulch. I get paid to move them elsewhere. This garden alone approaches a full acre top to bottom and is surrounded on all sides by forest.

There are far too many leaves to effectively blow them away. A five foot swipe with a rake creates a pile too big to really blow. Being wet doesn't help either. So I rake big piles, gather them in a sheet and dump them back in the forest. The blower comes out for the final attempts at spic and span.

In between leaf rearrangement and fall cleanup of shrubs and perennials for the clients I cut, sand and stain wood trim starting with the difficult doors. It will get easier with the windows, baseboards and ceiling trim.

This side of the door can stay white. Or I should say this side of the door can be painted white. Yes it needs to be painted. My perfectionism requires all dings, dents and imperfections to be well hidden. I have to wear glasses to see what I am doing so I see every little imperfection during the building process. Once it is all put together I don't need glasses to walk around. Then it will all fade away into perfection.

Like a perfect sunset. There must be infinite ways for a sunset to be perfect.

There are bound to be few ways to make the trim work perfect enough for eyes without glasses.


rainymountain said...

Time for a day off, I think. Sit on your nice sofa, read a book, plan out some gardens, nap, and maybe a little walk up the hill if the weather is nice.

Randy Emmitt said...


Who is responsible for the door opening being so out of plumb? Paint the door and the trim white!

katie d. said...

Love the wall color - have you considered painting the door a different shade of the wall color? Darker, 2 cents is the brilliant white of the door is too start against the wall color and the wood trim (which I like natural - I'd just stain that)..get some rest!!!

Anonymous said...

Christopher, I have been sadly neglectful of late in reading - but reading several posts at once makes it quite clear how MUCH you have gotten done recently - so do not despair! The trim, as you know, takes the darn longest and is the most frustrating. I do not have an opinion on the colors; this is not my forte; but I will like whatever you decide to do! Forge onward!


Christopher C. NC said...

Rainymountain tomorrow I am doing errands. That should at least be physically restful.

Randy I am responsible for everything and we checked and checked again and one more time to make sure the walls were plumb. Then the drywall was added. My unplumb is when the trim does not sit flat and tight against the drywall/door frame together from top to bottom. This is mostly about 1/4 inch around two doors. That 1/4 inch gap makes me a little crazy so I fill it in where needed with strips of 1/4 x 1 wood stained the same as the trim.

Katie my thought of another color for the door was along that line as well. All the trim is being stained "cherry" before being put up. All the other wood in the cabin, the ceiling, loft floors and main beams are stained "cherry".

Bev the trim sure does involve a lot of processing. I started with the hard stuff, the doors frames that don't match the drywall plane. Your supposed to start with the doors though. The rest of it is pretty straight forward step by step by step.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Will you have that door closed all the time? The problem I see is that if you paint that door a color to match the living room, then when that door is left open, it will not match with the green bathroom. I think I would leave the door white.

That garden looks incredible!

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria living alone that door will be open most of the time. I see your point and that is what Ani keeps saying.

Siria said...

Christopher...give it time and live with it for a while. Once you have all trim finished, furniture/kitchen in place and artwork up, you may end up liking it. I wouldn't worry about it...look at the big picture. :) It will be gorgeous!