Thursday, November 18, 2010

Those Mums I Mentioned

Back on a wet, cold and rainy Bloom Day there was mention of some mums spotted in full bloom down in the sunny utility meadow. The sunny utility meadow currently looks mostly like this so those mums were like beacons of color.

A couple of years ago the resident gardeners went to the Arboretum when the Mum Festival was being held and came home with an assortment of unknowns to plant.

They have survived two winters now and the plants do seem to be increasing in numbers.

There are some interesting blooms in the lot. Sadly they are behaving like long stem roses sending up tall long stems with mostly single blooms that proceed to fall over long before they even open. I pinched them in the spring. Once was obviously not enough.

The new assortment of mums in the sunny utility meadow are of the ultra fancy show variety and definitely need more care than they are getting in a wild cultivated garden.

They are still here and blooming though. That is something that can be said for them.

So I looked at mums while waiting for wood satin to dry. Here is the trim for inside and outside of the bathroom door and most of the baseboard and ceiling trim in the bathroom. It got cut. Then made sure it fit. My unplumb wall means the bathroom door trim needs some stained shimming too. Then it was sanded and stained.

Now I wait for it to dry before putting it up. I suppose that takes at least 24 hours. I can cut and sand more boards. I just need another drying rack or another process to work on while waiting for wood stain to dry. It shouldn't be hard to come up with something. Uh oh, multi-tasking. That could be a problem.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I hear it has been cold your way this week. It is amazing that those mums are still blooming in this weather. They are all gorgeous! I say cut those long stemmed beauties and make yourself a gorgeous fall arrangement to enjoy while you work in the cozy cabin. :)

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria I contemplated cutting them while trying to get them to stand up for a picture. They had like two feet of stem laying on the ground with a flower on top.

Lola said...

Not good to lay down. They can't been seen unless you pass very close. They look lovely. I'm surprised they are still there.
No don't need multi tasking do we? lol

Lola said...

Puter is a dead head.

Anonymous said...

I love the spider type. I don't suppose you know the name of it?