Friday, June 10, 2011

At The Beginning Of Summer

"I need to go for a walk in the garden. I haven't been up there in a week it seems."

"You're not missing anything."

Granted there is a noticeable lull between the spring crescendo of the rhododendrons and iris and the start of the summer flower season. Still, not a day goes by in the wild cultivated garden without a bloom of some sort once things get going in bulb season.

The roses are here.

There are not to many roses up here. Certainly not many of the fancy grafted hybrid kind. The ones here are mostly rambling shrub roses of one sort or another. The Knock Outs were only recently planted and they actually languish to a certain degree. Could be they prefer defined and tidily mulched beds to do their best. There's not much of that up here either.

So we make due with wild rambling roses that fit right in with the wild cultivated garden.

I bought pillows today. This chair needed a little something extra and it makes the chair that much comfier.

I bought a mattress too. But it was pouring down rain and spitting hail in town so I will have to pick it up tomorrow when the weathers are more conducive. No I did not buy the "system", ie the box springs. I will put a piece of plywood on the slats and put the mattress on that for nice even and firm support. Seems there are people in this world who have issues when you don't buy the system.

Check out the nice rolling drawer under the bed. One day my drawers will be organized. Now they just help hide stuff.

A room gets ready for guests. When I mention moving myself, I get this quiet pensive response. Sigh. Will I end up with a beautiful cozier by the day cabin that nobody lives in? It is a wrenching feeling.

The Spots will have to move to and that could be another wrenching process. That will have to wait until after the guests have gone.

It's not just the roses that are blooming. The spirea are here.

And campanula.

A moss covered hearth is interesting.

A flush of bloom in the sunny utility meadow with Fleabane

And Coreopsis.

A late blooming azalea hides in the wild. The large native Rhododendron maximum don't bloom until late June.

The first astilbes have arrived. Hundreds more will follow as summer takes hold.

I might have missed some of this if I didn't go for a walk.


Siria said...

There is always something interesting in your garden. Your cozy cabin is also filled with beautiful and interesting things. You have really found how to maximize the storage in your tiny cabin! I love your bed frame with the drawer beneath it! It looks like you are almost ready for your guests.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Walking is good. Change (moving) is difficult. No one likes big changes. Very difficult to work through. It can be done though. You are a Master at slow moving changes. All will see the good of it, eventually.

Lola said...

Yes, those walks are most important. If not for you we would miss all that beauty.
The Cozy Cabin is almost ready for the hard to do move. An adventure you will relish in the end. Guests will be welcome.

Lola said...

Moss on the hearth looks inviting, low fire in the fireplace, lying on the "rug".

Anonymous said...

If you have a mortgage on it, I say move in to it! (: But there has been a severe disruption in your family's life and adjustment will take time.
The garden is beautiful as always. I am curious; how did you get all that furniture up into the loft?


Christopher C. NC said...

Siria I have a few more storage things on the agenda, a closet and shelves in the loft and shelves in the bath closet. One day i will build a storage shed.

The Master of Slow Moving Change. Lord help me Lisa ain't that the truth.

Lola walks are good for seeing things like moss on the hearth. That patch of moss has been growing.

Bev that disruption is making things harder. My mother is 83 and I don't think she has ever lived alone at any point in her life. I think it scares her. Well the bed frame went up in boxes. The smaller pieces were just carried up. The old trunk was tied with rope and pulled up. And the mattress was pushed up on to the rafters in the living room then slid into the loft sideways.

Anonymous said...

Will your Mom go back to Florida for the winter? That may be soon enough for her to be alone. I have been married 40 years and I can't imagine being alone.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom, yes my mother will go back to Florida for the winter and she will be alone in that house. Two brothers and two sisters are in Florida, none in the same town. I will be surprised if they manage to visit more than the regularly scheduled times of the past two decades. I hope they surprise me.

I plan and it has been accepted for me to come to dinner most nights here in NC. We can visit. I can eat, do the dishes and get my list of chores that need doing.