Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Visit Begins

The sisters have arrived. The visit begins. First on the list of course is a stroll through the ridge top garden.

Summer time arrives with a whole new wave of blooming perennials. There are lots of dayliles, lots of Asiatic lilies. The hundreds of hosta and astilbe are in bud. The native rhododendron are in bloom. A large assortment of other perennials have stated to do their thing.

Every where you look something is bound to be blooming. It's not quite the same bold floral extravagance of 10,000 daffodils in April or the gargantuan rhododendrons of May. Summer blooms start slow and build to a crescendo. It is a much more species rich speckling of flowers, seemingly subdued by the the intense lush green of a forest in full leaf.

The shade has an effect as well. The sun lovers may not always operate at peak performance.

Hale Mana was readied for its first guests with the front door and the trim around it getting painted.

The service entrance door only got the first coat of paint before time ran short. That will get finished today.

It's back to the luxury basement accommodations for me. I can handle. Half living in two houses isn't all that easy and I miss my kitties.

The hard part is going back to the slow cantankerous computer in the luxury basement accommodations and it was in a very ornery mood last night. I wonder if its hard drive is ready to become but a distant memory.

There is the question too of how will I fit in visitation with work kind work and everything else that needs doing. I'll just have to work on the assumption that they don't need me to have fun or to pull weeds.


lh said...

The cabin is charming, charming, charming! The gardens are gorgeous. Hope your sisters love it all. For you, it’s another milestone met. Remember, in the scheme of things, there’s time for Work and time for Mindfulness, and there are always moments to squeeze in a little Fun. Now, have some Fun! You deserve it. Umm, the kitties will come around eventually. You’re smarter than they are.
Lois, Zone 5

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The CC looks ready for its first visitors. I am sure The Sisters will let you know if you need to change/add something. That is what Sisters are for. ;) I too have found that work gets in the way of having fun visiting.

Lola said...

I'm sure the stroll was enjoyed very much. That is of course the first thing on the mind.
The Cozy Cabin looks fantastic. LOVE that color on the entries. What is it's name?
Glad the sisters arrived safely. Being in 2 places is uncomfortable for a short time but visitors are always welcome & enjoyed immensely.
Do you plan to paint the porch rail & roof support or just let them age?
Have fun, work work will all do fine.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lois I might be smarter than the kitties, but they have more willpower or stubbornness, one of the two.

Lisa I am hoping if The Sisters see something that needs to be added, they'll add it.

Lola that blue is called Waterloo by Valspar. Yes all the porch railing, beams and decking will be painted at some point. The bulk of it will be a stain grade grey paint to match the house with the Molera Vaquero Red as accent on the ceiling beams at least.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I LOVE your blue doors! What a great touch to your cabin! It was really nice to see your Mom and sister today. I know you all will have a wonderful visit. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I love the blue door too! And work kind work doesn't go away when visitors come, alas; but they will understand.