Friday, June 24, 2011

Seen In West Asheville

It may be a sign that things are changing when you are far more likely to see a scarecrow in a vegetable garden in city neighborhoods than out on a drive in the country. There is a lot of food being grown in the gardens of West Asheville.

And I never would have expected to be sent sailing away on the winds of imagination in a mountain metropolis far from any large body of water on which to set sail.

This is not a place of cookie cutter suburban developments and landscapes maintained by the help.

It's the new urban frontier filled with all kinds of interesting notions.


Lola said...

That is some looking fellow in pic #1. I wouldn't want to go round him. lol It seems more people are gardening, mostly due to economy. Or they just want to get back to nature.
Can't imagine the sail. I think people are mostly directing their energy towards other things.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You bet it is interesting. Wonderful place.

Siria said...

Looks like you are finding some really interesting gardens to showcase in the garden stroll. I'm not sure I like that scarecrow. I love Uncle Ernie and I guess that's tainted my view of scarecrows. :)

chuck b. said...

I love a neighborhood full of interesting notions.