Friday, June 24, 2011

More Chaos

This is my roadside bed at the beginning of summer. I suppose I could have a scalped hillside of grass with a bit of fuzz in the drainage ditch like my neighbor across the byway, but that would be boring and who has the time for all that weed whacking?

Instead perennials are planted. Wildflowers are seeded, encouraged and ignored. The unwanted and undesirables are removed every so often. I end up with a cacophony of color.

Who knows where some of this stuff comes from. It just arrives.

But some devilish quirk in a gardener's genetic makeup is forever demanding more. More perennials get planted. More wildflowers get seeded, encouraged and ignored. Some of the unwanted and undesirables get removed every so often.

The cacophony grows.

A cozy little cabin is tucked below the roadside bed and the roadside vegetable garden with the wildflower surround. It peeks out as the world passes by.

It's no wonder that many people slow down or come to a stop while driving by on the scenic byway. How often do they see roadside weeds on steroids in somebody's front yard?


Lola said...

Your chaos looks much better than a scalped hillside. Love the colors of your day lilies.
The Cozy Cabin looks as if it were there always enjoying the beauty that surrounds it. The more the better.
How is Mom?

Anonymous said...

The soil up there must be magic. Those daylilies are gorgeous.

sweetbay said...

Wow, so much color, no wonder the cars slow down.

Your neighbor needs to do something about the fuzz in the ditch. A six foot wide swatch of brown Roundup-killed baredness would look much better.

Carol Michel said...

Accepting chaos this time of year is for the good! Love the gardens. I would surely slow down and stop if I were driving by.

Les said...

I was discussing with a western friend how on this side of the continent anytime the earth is disturbed or cleared, it takes no time for it to be quickly filled by new plants. You are fortunate to be present for the editing.

Annie in Austin said...

Sometimes chaos is disturbing, but the beauty of Christopher's Chaos can make people happy.
I wonder how many people who live in your area have changed their normal driving routes so they always pass your place?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose