Monday, June 13, 2011

I Steal Moments

In the roadside vegetable garden as I come and go.

I started work today at a new client's rather posh estate. This one job alone will pay my mortgage when all the processes and paper work are processed and properly filled in, filed and recorded.

We wait on the slow lawyer to do the actual transfer of the land. He is slow and needed a stiff nudge today. The new property has to be legally recorded for a mortgage to proceed. Home owners insurance was purchased today. That was also needed for a mortgage to proceed. I have gathered my meager income reports and other needed papers for the mortgage process. In some respects I don't count for much. Thank goodness I have a co-signer with a substantial income.

Planning for the upcoming West Asheville Garden Stroll has begun and I managed to volunteer to be the chairman of the site committee. It seems far fetched somehow me living in Extreme West Asheville and all. We shall see.

I work work all the time now. Then I have to try and fit all this other stuff in before and after.

After work today I finished re-insulating the plumbing box beneath the cozy cabin. It is ready for the bead board plywood cover to go back on when I next find some spare time.

I steal moments in the roadside vegetable garden as I come and go because it gives me a great sense of calm. The tidy rows of vegetables are on a well scheduled process. I know what to expect and there are no forms to fill out for some pseudo authority figure. There are some annoying insects chewing freshly sprouted seeds and the raccoon has added a strawberry tax to the existing sweet corn tax later in the season, but I expect these things.

So I steal moments in the roadside vegetable garden as I come and go. It represents my sanity. Now how did I end up with so many sunflowers again?


Anonymous said...

It is good to have something to think about when all the other processes overwhelm. Your garden is looking great. I wish I was close enough to help the racoon in his foraging.

Lola said...

Paper work, paper work. Seems it's necessary to reach the final end.
Your garden looks great. It's so hot here I doubt mine will do much more till it cools off.
It is good to stay busy even tho it tires us out awfully.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher!
I'm glad your schedule is filled with good paying customers, and yet still have some time to do the things you love so much at home and with friends. Before you know it, all the time consuming paperwork stuff will be behind you! I sure hope some of the sunflowers I planted are up, and the morning glories you suggested I try. :)

Anonymous said...

"In some respects I don't count for much." That's because it's the pseudoauthority figures that are doing the counting, not people like us who live in the real world. Your work at work-work and home counts for much more than theirs in the long run.
I, too, use my garden to counter the cares of the pseudoauthority figures' world. I love your metaphors! (: