Saturday, June 18, 2011

Conning The Spots

The plan was to paint the trim and the exterior of the front door and service entrance today after harvesting salad greens for the larder at the chef's house next door. The Spots like to go for strolls and have been down to the cozy cabin many times. After the harvest was washed and stored it seemed like a good time to bring them down for an extended stay at their soon to be new home.

The followed me no problem. Crawford had to inspect the cleaning and priming job and even came inside to check things out. Collar hung outside in the lush. This far from home they won't stroll back unescorted, weird cats, so when a wicked storm descended, the painting ended and the Spots ran for cover. Not inside mind you. They wouldn't come in. A quick inspection is all they have ever managed and if the doors closed them inside they freaked.

Once the worst of the storm had passed Collar came out of hiding and reluctantly came inside, only to figit and pace once the door was closed and a second storm blast arrived.

Crawford had hollered to be let in in the middle of the first blast of the wicked storm. He was more mellow, but still paced non stop. Weird cats.

Boy were they happy when it was time to go back home. Poor things had been traumatized by ferocious winds, lightning, thunder, flying branches and a very hard rain, then trapped inside a strange box to boot. I fed them dinner and they went straight to bed, safe and sound in their real home. This move ain't gonna be easy I can see.

A big branch, one of dozens that pummeled the ground had landed where I usually park my truck. Good thing my truck was at my house and I had planned to con the Spots into going for a walk.

It was breezy to say the least. I'll consider standing the sunflowers back up tomorrow after they and the ground have had a chance to drain just a bit.

That's just the way it goes up here, closer to the innards of the thunderstorms.

I try to avoid plant bondage as much as possible and in these conditions you really gain an appreciation for plants that refuse to flop over or can stand themselves back up after a vicious sideways blast. Gardy has enough to do without having to tie things up.


Lola said...

Poor Spots---in a strange place & it storming. They must have been beside themselves. It will take time for them to adjust.
Boy, that limb could have done some bad damage.
We had a bad storm late yesterday. I had a large limb fall out of tree in back last week. That tree is dying & needs to come down. Takes $$$$$.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The first impression of the CC for the cats wasn't so good. Cats are funny about their home being changed. I hope they will soon realize that life can be just as good at the CC.

Anonymous said...

This will probably sound strange to non cat people, but you need to bring things to the CC that have their smell on it (like the bedding they sleep on.) If they can smell that, they should begin to be okay.

Barry said...

Chris, this is just old folklore, but it worked for us when we moved our cats across town: we put a small dab of Crisco into their paws. Annoyed them at first, but they both quickly set to work to lick out every last trace. It must have worn them out, because they curled up for a good long snooze, and seemed to accept their new digs right away. They'll get more comfortable after they find the food dish, I'm sure.