Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Interruption Of Flow

My beautiful red columns are a home owner's insurance design flaw. I have been rejected for insurance by two major insurance companies. Their reasoning is that the open foundation allows easier access for varmints to get in and the water lines are more susceptible to freezing causing water damage.

Well I never.

Let me just say that when I moved here four years ago the house next door with the closed in luxury basement accommodations was infested with mice. I took care of that. Its water lines freeze regular. The only water lines in a cabin without heat that froze were the ones in the wall. None of those in the floor froze. Closing in my basement patio won't help the shower water lines in the wall. The heat tape I added will.

I do have a few takers who will give me home owner's insurance at least.

It was ready, but I did not spend my first night in the cozy cabin last night. I followed my inner voice that said wait just a bit longer. Maybe in a few days?

A cheapo particle board book shelf was bought and assembled. It will do for now. I need places for stuffs. One day it can be replaced with a fine piece of wood furniture.

Some how the bedding, sheets and comforters are a bit off. It is a nice comforter with a Queen Anne's Lace pattern. It works with the floor, but not the blue walls. Maybe I'll have to repaint the loft another color.

It is still a bedroom in progress. At some point I need to build a closet and cabinet shelves for clothes. Right now the stuffs keep spinning around the room. It is not yet permanently set.

It is a work in progress outside as well.

I have planted delosperma and a sedum around my avatar. Both have multiplied, but neither of them have filled in as a short ground cover like I intended. Granted this bed has been rudely disturbed on more than one occasion. Perhaps a geranium will do the trick. Meanwhile I will gladly accept the wild Ox-Eye Daisies.

More permanent and substantial plantings continue to grow larger in this front bed beside the driveway entrance. The Calamagrotis acutifolia 'Avalanche' and Yucca filamentosa 'Bright Edge' have some promise as space fillers.

In the semi wild abandon you sometimes just have to take what you get and hope that it all works together. Pink, yellow and white is good.

My first planting of corn only had 80% germination and it is too late now to fill in the holes. The all important tasseling from a later sowing would be way out of sync. I will have to sex the corn myself anyway in a skinny row like this. I don't need out of sync corn to deal with too.

My lone astilbe, currently anyway, is doing just fine. I must have picked a good spot for it.

Some things just flow naturally. The chicory has filled every bit of bare space in the front roadside bed. I am a bit surprised it hasn't flowed much further yet. I don't think anything would look bad with chicory for a back drop or filler. I just loves my chicory.

Hollyhocks, Verbena bonariensis, Eremurus, Ox-Eye Daisy, Miscanthus 'Morning Light' and Juncus add to the scene right now. It all changes as the summer progresses.

The roadside vegetable garden with the wildflower and daylily surround aims for its peak summer display as the world flows by.

It won't be long now before that flow of traffic is interrupted more and more as cars slow to a crawl or come to stop to marvel at the bountiful chaotic beauty of nature slightly interrupted by the hand of the gardener.


Dianne said...

I think your bed cover is beautiful and does go with the walls and floor. I am not a decorator, but I would change my pillow shams(current ones too busy) to something that brings the blues and oranges? together. Also, the throw on your bed needs to change. It needs also to have some of the blues/oranges. Those are the only changes I would make Take both them off, take a picture and see what you think. In my opinion, I think the main colors are absolutely beautiful. The chicory too! first only State Farm would cover us and at a premium. Finally we got Farm Bureau to step up to the plate, but remote homes are not easy. Especially if you don't follow the normal stick house plan.

Dianne in Del Rio

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a beautiful shot of the CC. I can't imagine anyone looking at it and pronouncing that it was uninsurable. CRAZY. All else seems to be coming right along. All looks so inviting. That bedroom will come together. It will be easier to see when you are there more often.

Lola said...

Ludicrous for not being insurable. Those ins. co. are making money hand over fist.
Your decorating is coming along fine. Comforter is gorgeous. I think it does go with the floor & walls. I agree with Dianne about the throw & pillow covers.
Love the blue of the Chicory. All plants look great. Your garden looks so good. My corn is ready.
This heat & drought is not good for it.
I put some more tomatoes in the ground/with carrots planted too. Also put some flowers in the ground. Too much to try to keep it watered in those little containers.

Christopher C. NC said...

Uhm, is a sham a pillow case? I am such a man Dianne. The comforter came with a sham and some bed skirt thing and I just tossed them both in the trunk unopened. Maybe I have matching pillow cases if that is what a sham is.

Lisa I was a bit perplexed by being refused home owner insurance. It's kind of like you are required by law to get it and then they won't sell it to you. I felt like saying I am calling my state and federal representatives and turning you in.

Lola after a bit of a dry spell we are getting our afternoon showers. Much better for the vegetable garden them me watering it. I squeezed in a second planting of corn this morning. It's at the crummy soil end of the garden and will have to be fertilized.

Dianne said...

You are like my husband. The sham is like a pillow case, but more like a pillow cover. I don't think I would use them if they are just like your cover, but you could try and see how they look. Looks like your comforter has some really dark orange in the pattern so I might key off that. No skirt, it is beautiful as it is. Also, since you have brown in the chair, you might want to mix that in with the orange (Pillow shams only)! I have to actually see it in reality, I am not one that can just pop colors together. My daughter is terrific with that.
Your entire house is decorated so beautifully. The pressed board bookcase looks great too!

Dianne don't sleep on the pillows with the shams. They are for looks only. Your sleeping pillows are tucked behind them.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, don't change the paint color; I love it! Try Dianne's suggestions first! Do have to laugh about what is a sham - hey, you started this!
Insurance companies have their stupid rules and cannot accommodate anything unusual. Good thing at least a couple of them have some sense.
There is always the garden for consolation.


Fairegarden said...

I love that blue, Christopher, hope you don't feel you have to change it. Dianne has saved the day with her suggestions. Just lay the shams over the pillows during the day, remove to sleep. Your inner voice will tell you when to move in. Love love love the Chicory. I am going to get some to go with the Queen Anne's Lace here. Stoopid insurance companies.