Thursday, November 17, 2011


And The Beast

I want me one gargoyle. Big like this fellow.

While I was gone it was snowing high up on the low spot.

The beasts were most happy to see me when I got home.

It had gotten considerably colder. The beasts don't do cold if at all possible.


Lola said...

I like that gargoyle.
Looks like some white stuff was bound to cover some of the growth. Hope the kitties were ok with the cold. I think the basement patio would be a good place to make a nice warm bed for them when you have to be out.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I made the kitties warm beds with their carrier cages covered on the front porch. That gets the most sun and least direct wind in the typical snow storm pattern.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like that gargoyle too. He is curious like your kitties. I hope they are warm now.

Lola said...

I like that idea even better. Close to door to get inside with you when really cold. Glad they are ok.

Siria said...

That is a really neat gargoyle! I like it!