Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The gas man called. No hot water heater valve for you. They only make the right thread valves now and you need a left thread valve. No valve for you. Aaack!!

What that means in layman's terms is you need a whole new hot water heater and why yes we do have those in stock. We'll deliver the new hot water heater. Now you need to call a plumber, disconnect, drain and remove the old tank, bring in the new tank, reconnect it, fill it and call us when it is ready for us to connect the gas line. We only do gas. You need a plumber for the rest.

I would be said plumber. The ongoing drip drip in the shower might indicate not the best of plumbers.

It dripped real good outside during the night. The Pleopeltis polypodioides that cloaks the trunks and branches of the Live Oaks has returned to life. My plumber persona that I thought had been put to rest for this trip after a failed shower procedure will have to be resurrected.

Now how does one remove an old hot water tank from a space so tight some other large items have to be moved first and install a new one when Thursday is out - no delivery for you - Friday there will be a house full of people eating food, the water has to be shut off for the procedure, the gas man is scheduled to come at 4pm for the final hookup, the tank is getting dropped off that morning and I plan to leave first thing Saturday morning? Scheduling and preparation. I must be prepared with everything I will need.

I wandered out to the building contractors stash to gather up the needed supplies and would you believe I found exactly the tool I needed to get the shower knob stems unscrewed out of the tiled shower wall. I should say stumbled upon the right tool. The building contractors stash is not what you would call organized. It's more like a heap grouped in to smaller sections containing all the tools used in each previous project.

So there was a slight diversion, but I am happy to report that after who knows how many years there is no longer a constant steady drip in the shower. I no longer have to worry about the Pleopeltis polypodioides taking root in the shower.

Now let's just hope my scheduling and preparations for the incoming hot water heater all goes smoothly. I have a plan of attack. The house full of people on Friday may never notice a procedure is in process. I just hope and pray the new hot water heater is exactly the same height and diameter and that its connections are all in exactly the same locations. It could get ugly if things don't fit.

That extra hot water tank might be hard to hide though. Someone might notice something is up.


Lola said...

lol, you will get it done & with no problems.
Love the fern on the trees.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The newer water tanks are usually smaller than the old ones. I hope all goes according to plan. I wish those ferns would grow in my part of the world. I think they are so pretty and what a delight they must be coming and going with the weather.

Dianne said...

Try to enjoy the day without worrying too much about your project. Enjoy the warmth of the sun. We are chilly and foggy on this side of the mountain this morning. But, I am thankful, no snow!

Anonymous said...

Aieee, Christopher. There must be a poltergeist in that house. But how serendipitous about the shower.

But knowing your meticulous preparation skills I have no doubt things will go well. We await your report!
Then you can escape back to the cozy cabin!