Monday, November 21, 2011

Where The Pink Muhly Still Blooms

I have traveled south a ways to deliver a delicate flower to a more suitable winter climate. The climate is behaving for the moment. It can however turn winter like in due time. The 80 year old green house my grandfather built must be coaxed back to life after laying dormant for the last seven months. The delicate flower needs a comfortable place to over winter.

The green house is old. The building contractor spent many years fixing things his way when he lived in it with the delicate flower. Now I have to figure it all out, make things work and fix the newly and the neglected broken things my way..... while I am here.

Day one has already been a challenge. Lighting, internet, flooring and shelving projects were completed, begun and contemplated. Hot water was attempted. Hot water failed. The gas man was called and he says it needs a new part. No hot shower for you.

Tomorrow will be plumbing projects. My few days down south where the Pink Muhly Grass still blooms will be spent whispering sweet things to the 80 year old green house.

How much will get done while I am here, before the delicate flower is turned over to the southern climate for safe keeping?


Anonymous said...

I know the flower is so thankful to have you.

Dianne said...

I can only hope that some day, my daughters treat me as gently. You are my hero today, well after may neighbor who helped me get my little horse up again. But, it is wonderful to be able to have two heroes in one day!

Siria said...

You are a good son! Good luck getting everything in order and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lola said...

You are a special person. I totally agree with Siria.
Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving with all.

Anonymous said...

Oh Christopher, just think of all the new skills you have learned in the last 4 years! (: I am sure it is poignant while frustrating to follow in the wake of the building contractor. But hot showers - yes, a necessity even in FL. Have a great holiday!
(ps verification characters "restingl" - ha!)