Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So It Begins

A time when long naps may become more frequent.

I have made a list of projects to keep myself moving. It's quite a list. Slow mornings lead to slow days, so we will just see how it goes.

In the beginning the snow melts nearly as fast as it falls. The ground still holds some warmth. For a little while longer anyway.

It may be an over reaction to this round of snow, but the new anti-shoveling procedure has been put into place. I'm not shoveling any driveways this winter. A little parking pocket up top will do.

Let winter begin.


Siria said...

Looks like a great day to stay indoors, read and take naps! You will certainly have more days like this in the coming months. I'm sure even with your nap taking, you will be extremely productive this winter as you were last!

Lola said...

I totally agree with Siria.
I know it's a bothersome thing but it is beautiful. I love your pics.
Love the up pocket. I did the same when up there.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looked very similar here yesterday. I always love that first snow.