Friday, November 25, 2011

The Pink Muhly Still Blooms

It was deemed to risky of a procedure to attempt only a few hours before the house was filled for a second day of feasting. An executive decision was made to halt the hot water heater exchange. A real plumber would be called on Monday. I didn't argue. It looked easy enough though.

Our hostess may have lived through enough family gatherings in a construction zone for one life time and opted out of continuing the tradition.

Tomorrow I will return to the mountain top where the Pink Muhly Grass has faded to an amber wave. The kitties will be freed from their confinement in the big house next door. I will have a long hot shower at last.

Now I must trust in the southern climate to take care of the delicate flower until the crocus are in bloom and the flowers return to the mountain top.


Lola said...

The delicate flower will be fine in the southern climate. When the crocus bloom a renewed feeling, bright as the sun's light, will overcome.
The kitties will be glad to see you.
All will be fine. Take care.

Pomaika`i said...

Kindly keep in mind that the plumber has no capacity for even the simplest installation of a perennial border or a lowly (but essential) compost pile, and he gladly pays for an accomplished artisan to arrange an esthetically appealing landscape. I have "busted knuckles" trying to install a water heater, saving pennies while squandering the time I could have better used to play in my garden.
You are wise to wait a few days, and you can use the time now to do what you are more highly qualified to do, cultivating and caring for for more important elements in your life.

Siria said...

I too feel the delicate flower will be fine and will look forward to the day the crocus blooms so she can be transplanted back to the garden high on a low spot on her mountaintop. Hopefully by now you have had a huge welcome home from the kitties!

Fairegarden said...

That brought a tear, the delicate flower... She will be fine, and will await the return to the mountain with anticipation.