Sunday, November 27, 2011

Then there Were Four

Why can't I just compost them? Here are two of the three additional house plants that came over from next door. Now there are four. It's like getting a bunch of new pets that need to be fed, watered and fussed over. I don't need that. And they mess up the nice clean lines inside the cozy cabin. I should just toss them. If they were fake plants that would be oh so easy. But they are alive and I don't have the heart to toss them out just to watch them die.

I have been making an effort to create winter interest on a substantial scale outside even without greenery. A garden that can pull me outside 365 days a year negates the need for any indoor shrubberies. Perhaps the house plants can just be guests for the winter.

I only have to step out on to the front porch to be entertained by the garden. And there are many good views of it from inside.

I'll just have to see how it goes. Not a one more though. Four is the limit.


Cheryl Kotecki said...

I understand both your reluctance to toss a living plant out in the cold - and your lack of enthusiasm for them in your Cozy Cabin. I always had plants in my previous homes, but this house in the woods just makes them seem well.... silly, actually. I gave all of mine away - then won one. I neglected it at a nearly criminal level, but it would not die. There is no happy ending to this story.

Carol said...

I hear ya! I ended up with 7 planters full of house plants from my mom's funeral. Those planters have no drainage, so I need to repot all of those plants into containers with drainage. With an average of 5 plants per planter, that means 35 more house plants. I hope my siblings, who made me take all of them, will take some of the houseplants once I've potted them up nicely.

Christopher C. NC said...

Cheryl when I lived in apartments I had tons of house plants and loved them. A few years after settling in at my main home and garden on Maui I banished them from the house. To much work for little effect. That continues to be my feeling when surrounded by a vast garden space.

Carol I planted a Curly Willow in the garden and was told this rooted cutting came from the tree that was a cutting in her father's funeral wreath. Do you think your siblings had a plan when they made you take all those planters?

Lola said...

House plants are nice as they help filter the air & they also give off oxygen. They do require some care. All I have in the house at present are African Violets. Thinking of getting rid of them. I had some before but got rid of them. Too much for me at this time. Maybe later.

Siria said...

Maybe you'll feel differently in the dead of the winter...or maybe not! No more house plants for me either; they are all outside now. Stay dry and warm in the coming weather system.

Anonymous said...

I do have to laugh, as I sit and look at my collection of plants brought inside while I write this! With dropped leaves and flowers all over the floor......we are all addicts, for sure.