Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Last Thing I Need

Is a house plant.

But it fell out of the pot and followed me home. Quite a few more of these Cordyline australis weren't so lucky and ended up in a compost heap. I hope it likes indoor living as much as its former poolside setting. While more cold hardy than most tropicals, it was surprisingly unfroze after repeated frosts, it wasn't going to survive the whole winter out there unscathed. It was time to put away the pots for the winter and one of the plants followed me home.

I don't need house plants to tend. It's a big garden to be out there with plenty projects that need attending to. At least the rain and the snow washed off the newly exposed rocks for me.

There's two more house plants next door waiting to follow me home when I close that house down for the winter. The last thing I need is three house plants in a tiny little cottage. We'll see how it goes over the winter. Maybe I will grow to like a little greenery inside during the barren time.


Lola said...

That sure is a pretty plant that fell out of the pot. We have a family member here. You will get use to them being inside.
The rocks look good from a bath.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Three plants aren't too many. It is when you run out of windows for the plants. Then it is too many. Nice rocks.

Carol said...

You will grow to like them, I'm sure of it.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I have been through that exact dilemma! Hate to throw a plant away! But I agree with the others; I bet you grow to like them.


thistleandthorn said...

HA! That's funny!
That said, my cordyline lived quite happily through last winter (and the one before that) outside, with a couple of sheets of freeze cloth thrown over it, and a bunch of succulents I couldn't bear to leave behind in warmer climes.
A week ago I found some orphans at a big box, marked down to $1. Red cordyline will probably not be as tough, but I couldn't leave them behind...