Friday, June 14, 2013

Act One Of Exuberant Chaos

What you see is exactly how I had the garden planned. NOT!

I plant things. Nature plants even more things. I edit out a number of nature's offerings and this is the result. Next year it will be very different I am sure. Nature never plays the same hand twice and the gardener's persistence in editing is having an effect.

I was worried for a bit that the Red Hot Pokers were going to be off color wise in the larger scheme of the garden. They have a color companion now in the Silene that followed me home and are currently safe from eviction. Good thing since I grew and divided these over five years into a substantial drift from a single plant in a four inch pot.

They're all wild things. The gardener planted some of them and some not.

The glass is half grown.

Yes, the glass is in the picture above. It is the latest Objet de project in the garden becoming. Invisible art.

The exuberant chaos is creeping further into the garden. Act one of the summer bloom is now underway. It will continue in full swing until mid-September. The gardener entices nature into a collaboration.

But deep in the forest away from the sun, a calmness is taking hold after the riot of spring bulbs and the spring ephemeral wildflowers. The Blue Pot art project becomes more of a focal point with a leafy backdrop.

There is a place to get away from the chaos that is unfolding.


Lola said...

Love it. Love those Hosta. Sometimes we must get away from the chaos.

Rebecca said...

I DO admire the Blue Pot Art project. (Does it "need" a Blue Bench Art project on which to sit and admire?)

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola sun and shade make for very different kinds of gardens.

Rebecca, benches are sorely lacking in the entire garden. I was contemplating a place for one just the other day.