Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mostly Iris

Siberian iris 'Caesar's Brother', the agapanthus of the iris world.

 The yellow Louisiana iris.

Baptisia from seed.

Where some of the yellow Louisiana iris live. One gifted piece has already become many. I even found it coming back up at its first home where it was moved from. They are just starting to bloom.

Lorelei, the prolific.

Behold. the Black Iris.

The Black Iris was rescued from smothering by the Lush about two years ago. Last year everything got froze. This year spring is making amends.

Dutch iris.

Button behaving.

The rhododendrons are still blooming.

Lorelei and friend.

In the new iris patch there are many other colors of the tall bearded kind.

Tiny rescued pieces have become happy Black Iris once more.

In the new iris patch.


Barry said...

Only the older kupuna would recall, but that black iris reminds me of the sagacious doctor who had a side-career trying to breed a black rose (aw, gimme a break, I was a precious reader)!

Barry said...

[geez, my computer froze while I typed "cartoon strip in the funnie pages about a "...
next time I will proofread before hitting the send button!]

Lola said...

Love,love, love those iris. My Lorelei are still blooming. Only iris blooming to be truthful.

I do have about a dozen & a half of figs [just planted it this spring]& about the same apples. Hope they hold on till they ripen.

Christopher C. NC said...

Barry I guess I am not an old kapuna yet.

Lola that Lorelei is without a doubt the most reliable and prolific iris on this mountain. We got a heavy apple set this year.

Sallysmom said...

That soil must be magic on the mountain. Nothing I plant multiples the way your stuff does.

Skeeter said...

Your iris are so happy on the mountain! Button seems to be over looking the Kingdom :-)

vbdb said...

The Lorelei you sent home with me from the Fling has yet to bloom. Seeing yours makes me want to give it a talkin' to. Your garden perfects itself even more with each season.