Thursday, June 6, 2013

Deja vu

I saw this pretty little aster at my local independent garden center so I bought it. Aster tongolensis 'Wartburg Star' is a short mound forming plant that sends up foot high lavender flowers. I looked it up online to read more about it and thought this all sounds so familar.

Have I bought one of these before? I looked in the collection of plant tags I keep to see if there was an existing tag for Aster tongolensis. I keep the tags so I can find the names of the plants I've bought when needed and to know which ones have permanently faded away into the Lush.

Yes I had bought Aster tongolensis before.

So where was it? Where did I plant it? I certainly had not seen it blooming anywhere. I pondered this for a day and finally remembered where maybe it had been planted.

And here it is, Aster tongolensis, a tiny remnant of its store bought self, still alive and looking meek. It had even been planted in a prime, low Lush competition location. Well this won't do.

I need vigor in my plants if they are to successfully settle into the lush. We need Ox-Eye Daisy vigor in the aster 'Wartburg Star'.

The first one was planted in the front bed near this patch of Veronica officinalis. This creeping veronica is a  naturalized alien weed that forms a rather pleasing evergreen ground cover with pretty blue blooms. It is one of the weeds I like so I leave it.

This veronica could creep right over the Aster tongolensis and smother it for sure. I better keep an eye on it now that I remember where it is.

My new aster 'Wartburg Star' waits to be planted. I don't want to put it in the same place where shrinkage has occurred. It needs to go in a different location. I'm thinking in a place that has less drainage and more moisture.

There are days when I look out on the garden becoming and don't worry about whether it will fit in with the natural surroundings. These are the beds I planted from scratch. They contain what I planted, many of them nearby weeds and the weeds that showed up on their own that I like and didn't have the heart to pull just yet.

Maybe I can fit the aster 'Wartburg Star' in there some where.


Lola said...

Pretty little aster. You will find the right place.

Sallysmom said...

One of these days, you will look at the garden and it will suddenly occur to you how wonderfully it all fits together.

beverly said...

Agree with Sallysmom! Had to laugh at the aster buying story!